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Get An Electrick Shock

Get An Electrick Shock


After accidentally getting an electric shock and obtaining the clairvoyant ability, Wang Yang flew into the sky. Stone gambling allowed him to earn ten thousand pounds of money, cure his illness, earn him the name of all ages, strengthen himself, and become the first person in the ancient martial arts...
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  "Ah, ah, ah..."

  The shabby hotel had no sound insulation effect at all. Listening to the sound of cracking next door, Wang Yang, who was suffering from the loss of love, immediately smashed his fist to the wall.

  Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

  There was a crisp sound!

  His fist fell on the aging socket immediately.

  Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

  Violent electric current immediately flowed along his fist to Wang Yang's whole body. Under the stimulation of the electric current, his eyes were as bright and dazzling as two little suns.

  In his sight, a man and a woman were frantically dancing. The wall between him and the couple next door disappeared from his sight.

  The visual experience, which was ten times more real than a small movie, immediately made Wang Yang's eyes wide open in surprise.

  "Where's the wall! Where's the wall between me and her?"

  As Wang Yang's heart moved, the missing wall appeared again, and the young couple who crazily made love disappeared from his sight immediately.

  "Why can't I see it? I still want to see it!"

  As Wang Yang's heart moved again, the wall disappeared immediately, and the young couple who crazily made love appeared in Wang Yang's eyes again.

  "Is it X-ray vision?"

  Now that I have the ability of X-ray vision, I can do X-ray vision at will.

  There was a deep interest in her eyes. Wang Yang only closed his eyes in shock when the woman turned her face, revealing a face that was as beautiful as a flower.

  As soon as he closed his eyes, Wang Yang found that he had the ability of inward vision.

  He found that his eyes were like two thunder balls, constantly releasing purple lightning.

  These currents entered between the eyebrows through the eyes and then went down through many acupoints in the chest. Finally, they entered the Dantian and began to flow against the current. They returned to Shuang Mou between the eyebrows all the way, forming a big cycle.

  Moreover, while the current was flowing, the gambling plug of the blood vessels, tendons, and vessels, as well as some small vessels that could only be seen by inner vision, were completely cured by the current, so that Wang Yang's body immediately gave out strong vitality.

  Lightning ball, electric current...

  When he found out the situation of his body, Wang Yang was finally sure that his X-ray vision was definitely due to the electric shock.

  "Just falling in love let me gain perspective. Is this God's compensation for me." Wang Yang clenched his fists in excitement, even the disappointment of love falling away.

  He thought that he would use the clairvoyant ability to see all the beauties' bodies in the world. He thought that he would use the clairvoyant ability to earn endless money.

  But gradually, Wang Yang calmed down.

  He knew that he had the X-ray vision, so he must keep it a secret and never let anyone know. Otherwise, it was very likely that he would be reduced to someone else's money-making tool.

  "I want to make money, but I have to keep the secret of X-ray vision." At this moment, Wang Yang made a decision in his heart.

  I can't hurt, I can't hurt...

  The bell rang suddenly, looking at Zhao Ying's name displayed on the phone, Wang Yang's face suddenly showed a complex color.

  Zhao Ying, the "bastard" of Wang Yang's university, a woman with a devil's figure and a standard rich second generation.

  "Jianghu urgent rescue, come to the City of Evernight as soon as possible." A tempting voice sounded directly. Before Wang Yang could refuse, Zhao Ying had already hung up the phone.

  The so-called urgent rescue was to pretend to be Zhao Ying's boyfriend and help him refuse those pursuers.

  Wang Yang, who was dressed in his only decent casual suit and looked tall and handsome, immediately went straight to the City of Evernight.

  In the City of Evernight, it was the largest private club in the city. All the entertainment projects that one could think of could be found in the City of Evernight.

  As soon as he entered the City of No Night, Wang Yang saw Zhao Ying in the hall of the City of No Night.

  She wore black leather pants and a white shirt. Her figure was so big that almost everyone who went in and out of the City of the Night couldn't help looking at Zhao Ying.

  "It's weird. Her body is so hot. She doesn't show any trace of underwear when wearing these tight leather pants. Isn't she wearing it?"

  TT... With only a few thin lines, X-ray vision immediately made Wang Yang realize that Zhao Ying was wearing T-back pants, which were very wild with leopard patterns.

  "Hey, you've gone too far."

  The loud voice sounded directly, and Zhao Ying couldn't stand Wang Yang's hot eyes. She said directly, "Today's blind date is in the chess room on the top floor. The famous playboy in the city is very deep. Don't expose yourself if you go up."

  The Go room was just the top floor's elegant name. In fact, the top floor of the Nightless City was a casino, a casino that earned a lot of money every day.

  When he came to the casino with Zhao Ying, Wang Yang immediately saw Zhao Ying's blind date tonight.

  His hair was no more than three inches long, his eyes were long and narrow, and there were two muscular younger brothers standing behind him. He looked exactly like a gangster.

  At this moment, the young master was playing with a shuttle on a table, and there were more than two million chips in front of him.

  He could see through the walls and clothes, but he didn't know if he could see through these cards...

  His eyes were full of interest as he looked at the cards on the table.

  Plum Blossom Five digits Three...

  A card was clearly reflected in his eyes, which immediately made Wang Yang's eyes show a hint of ecstasy.

  "My name is Xu Li, Zhao Ying's blind date."

  Shrugging his shoulders, the young master pointed at the table with a natural and unrestrained face. "It's said that gambling depends on one's character. Whether you mind playing or not, let Zhao Ying see if you're the one who's better, or you're the one who's going on a blind date."

  Provocation, blatant provocation. If she refused at this time, it was equivalent to directly admitting defeat.

  "Okay, let's play for a while!"

  With his eyes full of freedom, Wang Yang directly sat opposite Xu Li.

  "10,000 chips, please exchange them for me!" Wang Yang took out his bank card and did not care about the disdainful looks of the people on the table. He waved his hand and called the waiter over.

  "10,000 yuan, you can keep up with three rounds at most. Are you sure that such a little money is enough? If you don't bring the money, I can ask the casino to make an advance for you first." Xu Li shrugged his shoulders and pretended to be generous, but his eyes were full of disdain.

  "Bet on money, it's never about who has more money. It's about who can win the money. In my opinion, 10,000 yuan is enough."

  Wang Yang's eyes were full of confidence. The powerful X-ray vision made him firmly believe that he was not afraid of any opponent in the casino.

  "It's strange. Today, Wang Yang is very different from usual..."

  She knew very well that although she and Wang Yang were best friends, because of her identity as a rich second generation, Wang Yang had always regarded her as a " buddy" and had never looked at her with burning eyes like today.

  Moreover, because of his own funds, even if he was willing to use her as a shield, he would never allow her to refuse such a gambling.

  Thinking of this, she looked at Wang Yang with more and more curiosity. In other people's eyes, she seemed to be obsessed with him.

  "Damn it!" Looking at Zhao Ying who was so fascinated by Wang Yang, Xu Li finally showed a hint of anger on his face.

  "Take the chips quickly!" An angry shout came from Xu Li's mouth. Seeing Xu Li was angry, the waiter trotted all the way to send Wang Yang's 10,000 chips.

  "Alright, let's see how many people I'll kill tonight!" Su Mo said with a smile.

  With a strong sense of self-confidence in his eyes, Wang Yang took over the chips handed over by the waiter and immediately threw out 1,000 chips to the dealer to issue the cards.