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The Sweetest Moment

The Sweetest Moment


He was handsome and elegant in Jingcheng City. Although he was powerful, he had never touched a woman in his 30s. It was said that he was gay! In a conspiracy, she broke into his heart, but in the end, she arrogantly threw down a hundred yuan and left. "You've broken my body, yet you still want to escape? There's no way to escape!" He loved her and loved her, but everyone thought she was not worthy of him. However, when the plot was exposed one after another, and when her real identity was revealed, who was not worthy of it?
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  On the second floor of the hotel, Rong Mo had just walked out of the private room and walked towards the elevator in a steady and elegant pace. He was like a sleeping lion king with an imposing manner and a sense of laziness and hegemony.

  Because he had just drunk some wine in the entertainment, his handsome face was slightly red, and there was a sharp light in his deep dark eyes. His handsome face, which was as beautiful as a knife, was as perfect as that of a god, and he was high up in the air.

  Behind Rong Mo were four black-clothed bodyguards in suits, who were a meter away from him. They were as cold and stern as their master, without any expression.


  As soon as the elevator door opened, Rong Mo was about to step into the elevator, but when he saw the situation inside, he frowned his good-looking eyebrows tightly. His cold face showed a bit of aggressive chill, and he coldly stared at the woman in the elevator.

  It was a woman who was beautiful and delicate like an elf, but sexy and charming like a fairy.

  She had an extremely stunning face, with her black hair hanging on her back like silk. Her delicate face was clean and transparent, with a slight blush.

  She had a straight nose and bright eyes, which were watery and watery, with elf-like purity and elf-like charm.

  The woman was obviously a little unconscious. Her pink and tender red lips were tightly biting, and there was a faint trace of blood.

  The white dress outlined the perfect figure...

  Rong Mo's breath came to a halt in an instant, and a dark light flashed through his deep eyes.


  Or was she a woman who had been drugged?

  Perhaps Mu Jingyan had already been tortured by the evil fire in her body and lost her mind when she felt the cold sight, so she rushed to the cold breath in a hurry.

  She staggered and fell into Rong Mo's arms.

  Feeling the cold temperature, Mu Jingyan seemed to like the cool touch. She rubbed hard against Rong Mo's arms and unconsciously let out a low groan.


  Seeing the sudden appearance, the four bodyguards behind Rong Mo suddenly became nervous and shouted, "Oh no!"

  They knew that their husband had a serious mysophobia, and they never let women get close to him.

  "Get lost!"

  Sure enough, he felt the woman in his arms rubbing his body with her hot body.

  Rong Mo's cold face was dark, full of sarcasm and coldness. His thin lips spat out two words coldly, and his sharp eyes were full of murderous intent.

  Woman, trouble!

  At this moment, all of Mu Jingyan's mind had been left far behind.

  She only felt that the body she was holding was exceptionally comfortable. She seemed to be caught in a fire and rubbed against Rong Mo's arms more and more tightly. Her little face was flushed and her pink lips were slightly open, which was extremely attractive.

  Rong Mo's cold face grew darker and darker. Feeling the inexplicable woman wrapped around him like an eight-legged octopus, he felt a chill all over his body.

  However, what made him feel strange was that there was no disgust in his heart.

  The body that had always been neat and did not like women to get close to it did not reject it at all. On the contrary, it seemed to have a slight reaction. When it was hot, the faint fragrance that was inhaled into the nose was even more pleasant.

  He unconsciously held the slim waist of the woman who made a fire in his arms. He only felt that her waist was as soft and slender as a willow, so that she didn't hold it tightly.

  "Woman, you are playing with fire!"

  Rong Mo suddenly came to his senses and took a deep breath. His dark and cold face revealed a hint of lazy and evil danger. "Mmm, it's uncomfortable. It's hot. Um..."

  Mu Jingyan, who had lost her mind, did not know what kind of dangerous environment she was in at the moment. She only felt that her whole body was burning with anger.

  She was eager to be rescued, and the rising evil fire in her body seemed to kill her.

  Her body, which had always been calm, was inexplicably restless. Her seductive red lips were glittering and translucent, and she wanted to take a big bite.

  A beam of dim light broke out from the depths of his deep eyes, which was like an ancient well of thousands of years, intoxicating but unpredictable.

  "Woman, you're the one who's pissed off. Remember that!"

  The low and magnetic husky voice sounded a little cold.

  With a big slender hand, Mu Jingyan's petite body was held into her arms and stepped into the elevator. She did not forget to coldly give orders to the four men in black behind her.

  "Let's go downstairs and wait!"

  "Yes, sir!"

  Under the shocked gaze of the four bodyguards in black, they left.

  "His family has been a monk for nearly 30 years. Is he... going to give me some meat?"

  As soon as they stepped into the elevator, Rong Mo pressed Mu Jingyan against the elevator. He lowered his head and kissed her on the lips heavily.

  The moment their lips touched, Rong Mo's body shook violently, and his deep eyes gleamed.

  It seemed that he had never thought that the kiss was such a wonderful feeling. There was no disgust or disgust in his heart, but more excitement.

  The elevator went all the way up to the top floor. When they stepped out of the elevator, they saw a luxurious red carpet. The tall and straight body of Rong Mo held the little goblin who was constantly fanning the fire in his arms and walked toward the room.

  "Well, well..."

  Mu Jingyan, who had lost her mind after being held by others all the way, was constantly making noise in Rong Mo's arms. A low moan kept coming out, attracting all kinds of attractive musical notes.

  After entering the room, Rong Mo put Mu Jingyan down, pressed her against the door, and tightly held her with his slender arms.

  Mu Jingyan felt as if her whole body was going to explode.

  Ning Xueyan slightly opened her watery eyes, which were clear but charming. She stood on tiptoe, put her arms around Rong Mo's neck, and smiled at Rong Mei.

  "Haha, you're so beautiful. I'm going to throw myself at you and then eat you, haha—"

  Rong Mo's body shook, and the dim light in his deep and dark eyes shone brighter. His heart moved, and a low, magnetic, raspy voice rang out. "You want to pounce on me and eat me? Good, as you wish!"

  Rong Mo's hot breath sprayed on Mu Jingyan's face, and she avoided it with a smile.

  Her watery eyes were clear but alluring. Rong Mo could no longer control himself. He suddenly leaned over and pressed heavily on Mu Jingyan's pink lips.

  The cold lips were aggressive and possessive. They kissed Mu Jingyan's lips hard and sucked her heavily.

  Unlike the previous attack, this time it was a storm-like attack. Although it was green and inexperienced, it still did not damage the wild and domineering attack.

  Her lips were very sweet, like exquisite cake, fascinating.


  Heavy breathing sounds gradually sounded, which was particularly clear in the darkroom. The temperature in the room was getting higher and higher.

  Rong Mo kissed the woman in his arms and stroked Mu Jingyan's beautiful body bit by bit.

  Her delicate body wrapped around him like water. He, who had always had a serious mysophobia and hated women, did not feel disgusted at all. He only felt a surge of hot and dry in his body.

  At this moment, even Rong Mo himself felt that it was unbelievable.

  The cold heart was a little warm. His deep black eyes stared at the uncomfortable little woman in his arms and swore domineeringly, "Woman, remember, you are mine!"

  Rong Mo turned around and let go of Mu Jingyan's lips. He lifted her up and walked towards the room. His deep and burning eyes were still fixed on the woman in his arms in the dark.