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I Married a Ghost

I Married a Ghost

Author:Bright Moon of South City


My uncle said that my fate was suitable for dealing with the dead. If I didn’t do it, it might be a waste. Unfortunately, he was right. I was unexpectedly tied to an importunate ghost marriage. This male ghost was all kinds of despicable and shameless, threatening to lure me, but also vowed to say: when I was alive, the girls who admired me were as many as the carps crossing the river. Were you sure that you didn't want to marry me? You wouldn’t have the opportunity later. I shook my head resolutely, but what he did to me next was something I never expected……
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I am Su Miaoer, an ordinary junior at college. I also have another identity - a hereditary exorcist. Yes, you are not mistaken. I am a perfect combination of contemporary culture and ancient profession.

A modern exorcist.

As an exorcist, I unexpectedly met a ghost recently.

It all started a week ago.

My parents passed away when I was very young because of a car accident. I was raised by my uncle, who, bachelor as he was, served as an exorcist.

In the early years, he was a dabbler making a living as an acrobat. With the accumulation of experience over these years and thanks to the assistance of the noble, he gradually became a famous master in the local area.

A week ago, he received a big deal - the construction of a local real-estate development zone suffered numerous obstacles, and as a result, a number of migrant workers jumped off the buildings for no reason.

The property developer suffered a lot from it. The construction had to be shut down at a huge cost. Besides, several lawsuits were lodged against the property developer, and rotten tomatoes were thrown into his house every day.

Prior to asking for my uncle's help, the property developer had turned to a few professionals, but none of them could explain its whys and wherefores. Finally, he hired my uncle with a down payment of a hundred thousand yuan.

And he promised my uncle more profit after this problem was solved.

My uncle was indeed a shrewd businessman who could squeeze money out of the stingiest customer, not to mention such a fat job.

I thought he was going to race against time and go all out, but he came back that night as if being set on fire. In addition, it was said that because he was going upstairs so fast that he lost a shoe.

On the phone, there was a note of separation and death in what he said. I, scared as I was, immediately took the No. 13 bus back to see him.

Fortunately, my uncle was fine, but he couldn't stop nagging about losing the down payment of one hundred thousand yuan. In fact, he had put a lot of energy into this case. Unfortunately, he failed in the end, and the property developer broke a leg because of it.

He, as a sophisticated exorcist, figured that he had to stay away from this matter under all circumstances. Otherwise, it would cause huge trouble.

Fortunately, the down payment had been returned intact.

I thought we could move on over this matter. But to my surprise, it was just beginning.

After pacifying my uncle, I instantly started to clean up the clothes he had changed, when a jade pendant in the shape of a crescent moon dropped out of the pocket unexpectedly.

The mutton fat jade with such a gorgeous shape and full of primitive simplicity was very adorable, which made me covet.

Then, I curled my lips and lectured, "Uncle, even if you had a big case, you shouldn't squander money like this. Look, this jade pendant isn't cheap, right?"

Since such a jade pendant was specially designed for women, I was excited and put it in front of my chest right away.

Hearing this, he jumped up from the bed at once. He walked to me hastily, with his face white and scary and his eyes red, staring straightly on the crescent jade in front of my chest.

Then, he pulled the jade pendant off and threw it out of the window. At that moment, I thought the jade pendant would be smashed for sure, because we lived at the third floor.

"Miaoer, that pendant is cursed. Uncle will buy something better for you later." He comforted me. However, I felt a little uneasy at that time.

But what really bothered me happened two days later.

The jade pendant thrown out by my uncle from the third floor unexpectedly appeared in the drawer at my dorm. Then, I began to have the same dream for three consecutive days.

In the dream, I was wearing a bright red classic wedding dress and sitting in the sedan chair. However, the sedan chair turned over, and everything was spinning around.

When I realized what had happened, I found myself dead in the sedan chair, with my neck broken and bleeding heavily. The scene was so terrifying that I woke up from the dream straight.

At this time, I also vaguely realized that all this might be related to the crescent-shaped jade pendant.

Before I could ask uncle where the jade pendant came from, I put it into a thick plastic bag and threw it into the garbage bin downstairs. After that, I watched that the garbage bin was dragged onto the garbage truck and then the truck was driven far away.

Finally, I let out a long sigh of relief.

Unexpectedly, that night, when I opened the drawer in the dorm, the crescent jade pendant, which I had thrown away, came back mysteriously, lying on my book peacefully.

Thereafter, I, an exorcist, embarked on the journey of encountering with ghosts, since I experienced the "ghost on the bed" that night.

I had heard it all the time over the past two decades. However, I had to go through it myself to understand how horrifying it really was.

It seemed as if my soul was out of my body, which was numb and unable to move, but my brain was conscious. I couldn't open my eyes or spit a word, even though I wanted to desperately. I could do nothing but pray for the dawn to come soon.

But at this moment, I suddenly felt a pair of cold hands thrust into my dark thick hair, and a half of a wet tongue began to lick my neck.

The touch was so real, which crept me out. I realized that I must be possessed by something evil.

"Who...Who are you?"

"What...what do you want..."

I gnashed my teeth to spit out this sentence with great efforts. My uncle told me before that although the ghosts were inhuman and tended to go to extremes, there was still the possibility to communicate with them.