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A Return for Revenge

A Return for Revenge


He was an abandoned orphan. Fortunately, he was rescued and became the adopted son of the Wei family. But eight years ago, one night, his family was framed and died. From then on, the only goal in his life was to become stronger and revenge. Now he had finally reached the peak and solved his former enemy. But he decided to find the woman he loved most in his life. He found her easily. She was the same as before. But why was she so resistant to marrying him? And he had an ex-wife to give him wedding presents? What happened during his absence?
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On a mysterious base in the east of Huaxia.

A private plane was surrounded by thousands of soldiers.

They lined up and watched from a distance, their eyes filled with reverence.

At this moment, a young figure walked towards the private plane with steady steps.

"He's here–"

"That's Yu Feng–"

In an instant, the murmurs in the audience petered off into silence.

Everyone placed their faith in this young man, Huaxia's first God of War!

Three years ago, he had easily killed the top three experts on the God of War's ranking in Huaxia, shocking the entire world!

From then on, Yu Feng became a name well-known and awe-inspiring around the world.

In the hearts of all the soldiers, it was an honor and glory to meet the God of War.

It had only been three years. Who would have thought that this arrogant and powerful God of War would have made the decision to live in seclusion!

The reason why he applied to live in seclusion was even more ridiculous.

He was going to get married!

At this moment, the few people around him were all famous big shots, who were also elites trained by him.

But in front of the young men, they were too sad to say anything at this moment.

"Alleria, God of War, are you really leaving?"

"With the God of War in seclusion, there will be no more legends in this world!"

One of them was an old man in his fifties, who was openly sobbing like a child. His heart was filled with grief.

"I have fulfilled my final wish to be a teacher. It is time to make my wish come true–"

The young man looked cold and stood with his hands behind his back.

"Alleria, aren't you just going to get married? There's no need to resign, right?" One of the beautiful generals asked the young man in curiosity.

"This wish may take me a lifetime to fulfill."

"However, I will be back if a dispute starts again! I may be far away, but anyone who offends Huaxia must be punished."

"Remember, I will no longer be Yu Feng, the God of War. From now on, my name is Wei Nanfeng!"

After the young man declared this, he picked up the camouflage backpack on the side and hopped onto the plane without looking back.

After that, the thousands of soldiers who were sending him off bowed.

Their eyes were red, and they shouted at Wei Nanfeng in unison, "Goodbye, Yu Feng, the God of War!"

"May the God of War have a happy marriage and be blessed with many sons!"

At this point, a short-haired beauty was waiting for Wei Nanfeng in the private plane.

Her name was Leng Lan. She had a tall, slim figure and was cold and arrogant. Her pair of beautiful phoenix eyes were flashing with a hint of killing intent.

"I really didn't expect him to leave in such a way."

"The legend of a generation is finally about to end."

Leng Lan mumbled to herself with an unusually disappointed look.

Perhaps only she knew that Yu Feng, the God of War was forced to leave.

Last month, a large toxic case was found at the border of the Eastern Region, and their subordinates, the Divine Dragon Special Force, went there on a mission.

It was a pity that the enemy was a member of the royal family of a foreign country and had personal guards.

The six members of the Divine Dragon Special Force were all humiliated and killed.

Wei Nanfeng flew into a rage. Ignoring the rules, he ran across the border to chase after the enemy.

He single-handedly killed a team of a hundred private soldiers and avenged these brothers.

At the same time, however, he also violated military discipline and insulted the foreign royal family.

"Actually, you can choose to stay. No one would dare to object!"

Leng Lan was a little dissatisfied.

"Military orders cannot be disobeyed. Rules are rules."

"What's more, I do intend to return to get married." Wei Zheng Nanfeng said coldly.

He gently touched the military uniform that he had just taken off and looked out the plane.

The plane eventually disappeared into the vast sky.

"Alleria, where are we going next?"

"We're going south to the Wei family. I need to save my sister!"

"In this life, I have two women that I cannot let down. One is Yun Xiyue, and the other is my younger sister, Ruoxue!"

"Although we're not related by blood, I've made a promise to my brother!"

Although Wei Nanfeng's tone was light, there was a trace of heaviness in his voice.

Wei Ruoxue was his brother's biological sister and the only successor to the Wei family.

Wei Nanfeng was an orphan and abandoned as a child. When he was on the streets, it was his brother who brought him back to the Wei family and adopted him.

From then on, they developed a strong connection and went through thick and thin together.

But he didn't expect that their lives would turn upside down overnight eight years ago.

His adopted brother had died an unnatural death, and he had been framed.

Although this was a very cliched story, it had changed his entire life.

To be exact, it literally transformed his life!

Because eight years ago, he was reborn...

The Wei family of Nancang City was the number one family in the South Province.

In Nancang City, no one dared to speak ill of the Wei family.

If anyone did, they might disappear from this world the next day.

There was a sea of guests in the hall of the Wei family's banquet.

This day was the last day of the Wei family's groom-selection banquet for Xia Ruoxue.

Young and talented people from all over the country all arrived in pursuit of fame and fortune. They were all wanting to marry her!

At this moment, the banquet was crowded and lively!

On the stage, several members of the Wei family looked relaxed. They were drinking red wine and smoking cigars while reading the information that had been sorted out.

"F*ck, these participants are really talented!"

"Every one of them is a doctoral student. Even the worst one is a postgraduate. It's not easy to find a good-for-nothing."

One of the foul-mouthed members of the Wei family said.

"Isn't that right? The little girl is recognized as a strong woman, and she looks so attractive!"

"It's precisely because she's too outstanding that I'm inexplicably afraid of her."

"We can't let her grow up well."

Wei Chen, the current master of the Wei family said.

"However, she has to marry a good-for-nothing. In short, the worse her partner is, the better."

The members of the Wei family present were discussing this matter.

"Alright, enough chitchat. Hurry up and decide."

"The day after is the ancestor worship ceremony. It would be best to hold the wedding then!"

"I want that old thing and his son to see how we're treating Ruoxue!"

Wei Chen had a mischievous grin on his face. He was a famous, ruthless big shot in Nancang City.

"I got it..."

"This person seems to fit the conditions!"

All of a sudden, one of the members of the Wei family called out.

Wei Chen and the others quickly stepped forward.

"His name is Yu Feng–"

"He's an orphan with only one sister."

"He has a fiancée in Su City!"

"He only graduated high school."

"He's unemployed!"

"Besides, he has no permanent residence!"

"His special skill is killing!"


The eyes of several members of the Wei family lit up as soon as they saw the information on the document.

The man fit their requirements and was even unafraid to list killing as his special skill.

It seemed that this person was either a murderer or a madman.

As long as this man and Xia Ruoxue were married, she would be in so much pain that she wouldn't want to live and would obediently become a puppet.

At that time, in order to get the position of the master, Wei Chen joined hands with these members of the Wei family to kill the former master and his son. In the end, he even framed Wei Nanfeng, the adopted son.

Now that Xia Ruoxue had grown up, they thought that she was a disaster waiting to happen.

Therefore, they were going to find her a husband and make it impossible for her to turn over a new leaf.

"Very well, I'll choose him!"

"You can announce the decision and inform Yu Feng to come over the next day to the Wei family for the wedding. Tell him that he doesn't need to prepare anything. All he needs to bring is himself!"

Wei Chen gave the order decisively.