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Jiang Yan didn't expect that she would be killed by her brother. Neither would she expect that the man she hated most would take the bullet for her. At the hour of death, astonishing truths were revealed to her one after another. It turned out that she was only an adopted daughter of Jiang Family. The parental love, the family fun she used to have were nothing but a scam. Even her marriage with Yu Boyuan was a part of her parents' plan. More importantly, Yu Boyuan was everything but a canny and cruel person like her parents told her. He loved and protected her wholeheartedly, until this moment of death. But, it was too late when she realized that. She died. However, that was not the end of her story. Jiang Yan was reborn! And this life, she was determined to make up to her dear hubby well!
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Across the gloomy streets of Wind City, a car was about to skid off into the curb.

The screeching sound of its tyres was overshadowed by thunder and ceaseless raindrops against the asphalt. The car somersaulted across the sidewalk before landing violently in a smoking heap.

"Yu Boyuan!" a heart-wrenching shriek emerged near the car.

Jiang Yan hastily unfastened her seat belt and looked around.

After hearing of her family's schemes to set Yu Boyuan up in a fatal car accident, she dropped everything to stop him from going out. However, by the time she caught up with him, she could only watch his car drive off.

Heavy raindrops transformed the entire crash into a blurry image.

The window beside the driver's seat was completely shattered. Yu Boyuan's head was facing the ground, and his forehead was bleeding.

His consciousness was about to fade away.

Was he hallucinating Jiang Yan calling out to him?

She was so eager for his death. Now, she could be free from everything.

Shouldn't she be happy?

"Yu Boyuan!" Jiang Yan called out again.

It wasn't a hallucination, after all. Yu Boyuan suddenly opened his eyes.

"Don't die on me, Yu Boyuan!" Jiang Yan pleaded. "It's not your time yet."

She wept as she made her way towards Yu Boyuan.

She struggled to drag Yu Boyuan out of the wreckage. Kneeling on the ground, she let his head rest on her legs.

Jiang Yan's face was full of tears as she whimpered, "Why? Why?!"

Her hands were trembling as she held Yu Boyuan's face.

The most charming man she had ever known was now a shadow of his former self. His breath was frail, for he was on the verge of death.

She lowered her head and planted a kiss on Yu Boyuan's forehead.

"Yu Boyuan, please!" she shouted. "Don't die on me!"

She placed her head on top of his to shield him from the rain.

Yu Boyuan opened his eyes. He mustered up his remaining strength to lift his left hand and carefully caressed Jiang Yan's cheek as if it were a national treasure.

"Yanyan, were you crying for me because I'm about to leave you? Do you love me?"

Jiang Yan's mind instantly went blank.

Had she fallen in love with Yu Boyuan?

It was undeniable. She couldn't help but nod.

Yu Boyuan's eyes lit up. "Really? I'm so happy."

Jiang Yan shook her head heavily. "Yu Boyuan, I never thought of letting you die. I tried my best to beg for your life and they promised. But now, they went back on their word. Yu Boyuan, I'm so sorry. This is all my fault…"

Yu Boyuan reassured, "Don't be, Yanyan. As long as I know you love me, I can die in peace."

"Have you really fallen in love with him this time?" a merciless voice came from behind the couple.

A well-dressed man held a black pistol in his hand and pointed it at them.