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Author:Ebunoluwa Ademide


Elijah Hills was a strong vampire who possessed extraordinary abilities. He was cruel, evil and coldhearted. He doesn’t care about anyone, he killed anyone who got in his way whenever he wanted something and he was known for being difficult. He was the emperor of the most powerful imperial in the vampire world. He was labeled as the devil. Mia Green is twenty six years old, a third grader teacher who loved being around children. She had a rough childhood and was all by herself after her dad divorced her mom. She didn’t get the love and attention she wanted as a kid which resulted to her withdrawing from everyone else around her. Mia didn't expect to find herself in a completely and entirely different world. She never imagined being paired up with a vampire, let alone the most powerful vampire, the devil himself. She hated him at first for his rules, but she never knew that she was bound to him by "Fate". However, She soon finds out the the truth behind Elijah cruel attitude and she made up her mind to change his heart.
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  Mia’s POV

  "Good Morning Class," I greeted the children cheerfully.

  "Good Morning teacher-Mia!" They screamed.

  The stretching of the syllables only makes me smile as I take a seat at my desk. The kids are super-excited because it was Friday!

  "Who did their homework?" I asked.

  "Me!" They all shouted and raised their hands.

  I got out of chair and collected their homework. Soon I noticed the kids exchanging glances. What's going on?! Suddenly a whistling sound filled the air!

  "Happy Birthday teacher-Mia!" They screamed and began to bring wrapped up gifts to my desk.

  "My dad asked me to give this to you," Juan said. "Thanks for everything teacher Mia.” He grinned, revealing his missing front tooth.

  What was he thanking me for? Juan was the most brilliant boy in the class. He was absolutely good in maths, always helping out his classmates. But he was struggling in English. Most times he wasn't able to finish his homework, and from what I can understand about him, Juan doesn't have a mom. He was being raised by a nanny and his dad who was not always around.

  Juan was been watched by his old nanny and I realized he needed help so I decided to always tutor him after school before his driver's arrival. I became pretty close to Juan over the short period of time. I tutored him privately and Noel became better and he was doing fine in English Language now.

  I smiled at the huge brown eyes that stared at me. “Say me thank you to your daddy." I said.

  He replied with a quick nod. "But how about you come by at our house, so you could talk to him about tutoring me on Saturdays," Juan said.

  I bit my lips. "I'll try Juan."

  I said thank you to all my tiny humans that gave me presents. They are so adorable!

  "Now let's get through with today's work." I cleaned the board and started on today's work.

  I am Mia Green, I turned 25 today. I have a light brown skin, hazel eyes and short but wavy brown hair being that my mom was black

a Nigerian to be precise

and my dad was white. I was Biracial.

  My mom had relocated to America with her parent when she was 12. My mom's side of the family are nice people. They had beautiful brown skin color and grey eyes which people think was an odd combination. But I love it!

  My mom met dad, 2nd year in college. They started dating and they got married two years after graduation but it was short lived. My dad's side of the family were against the union because mom was black. Basically dad had beautiful hazel eyes and brown hair so I had his traits passed into me. They had me and dad didn't give in to his parents request to divorce his wife. Well that was mom's thought until dad came from work on a sunny afternoon and tendered a divorce letter to her. He asked her to sign it and leave.

  Mom had been shocked and she asked him why he wanted a divorce when he had promised her "forever and till death do us apart" at the altar. He didn't say anything, he just insisted that she leave immediately.

  I had been barely four years old and they ought to celebrate their 5th anniversary by the end of that year. Mom insisted that she would take me with her but dad refused. She pleaded tearfully but he didn't give in to her request to take me away.

  And in the end, I watched him beat her up and throw out her belongings. Mom left in tears and pain but she had promised to come back for me. I cried for days, expecting my mom, holding on to her promise to come back for me. I refused to eat or drink which annoyed my dad. He got tired of persuading me to eat something.

  "Listen to me, she's never coming back for you!" He snarled at me.

  And I was so scared because he's never yelled at me. He neglected me and I had to do things myself at a tender age. I bathe myself and dress up for school every morning.

  Each passing day, he would wait for me outside our home to drive me to school. We ate our meal in awkward silence with me missing the presence of my mom.

  Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and my mom didn't return as promised. I was so sad and I wished she had fulfilled her promise. I cried myself to sleep every nights wishing she would just show up in my bedroom and take me away but it was only a wish that never came to pass.

  I cried my eyes out for a long time until there had been no tears left for me to cry.

  "She's never coming back for you!"

  I accepted dad's words even though I knew it was not her fault. She wanted me. She didn't want to leave but dad compelled her to after a stern warning.

  "Don't you ever show your face to me again Adesola!" He had yelled at her.

  Sometimes, I wondered if he ever loved my mom even though they had displayed their love and affection right in front of me. He would wrap his arms around her waist in the kitchen and make an attempt to kiss her but she would hit him and say. "Our baby is watching," She would tell him to be cautious of my presence.

  "She's learning," Dad would say with a deep chuckle and she would hit him again.

  They were so sweet together and I wished they never broke up. Six months after mom's departure, I accepted my fate and moved on with life. Everything got better for dad, financially and he also remarried. A white woman!

  "I promise to make things up to you, Mia just accept Juliet as your new mom," he said.

  "I'll take care of you like my own Mia." Juliet said at our first meeting.

  Well I didn't understand the whole drama as a kid until I clocked 13. My cousin had always bullied me because of my skin color. They mocked me and no one accepted me in the family. Grandma blurted it out that I had been a mistake and that she hated having a black woman's child in the family. And that made me sad, I felt like an outcast in dad's family but I never told dad about what Grandma said to me.