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My Infinite Love

My Infinite Love


There are too many ways of taking revenge on a woman. But he chose marriage. In the past three years, he acted like a ruthless husband, treating her coldly, and even more worse, humiliating her. Even when she was pregnant, he tried to force her to give it up, to retire from film field, to expel her from her country.
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"Divorce!" Nathan grabbed Ronaim's hair, his expression was very cold.

"I don't agree!" Ronaim lay on the floor biting her lips stubbornly.

"Don't let me say it again!" Nathan used so much strength that he almost tore down Ronaim's scalp.

"Nathan, I don't want to divorce you!" Ronaim sobbed. She smelt his scent, turned to his arms, and clutched his waist. "Nathan, I love you, I love you!"

"Oh, b**ch! You desire a man so much?" Nathan's voice was scornful.

Ronaim trembled with coldness, but she didn't stop. She wanted a baby.

Maybe a child could save their marriage.

"Nathan, I want you!" She fumbled up Nathan's shoulder and sat across his lap.

She stuck out her tongue and sucked his lips gently, as if it were not enough, and she nibbled them.

The sweet fragrance of Ronaim turned Nathan on, and he carried Ronaim up, his eyes burning with fire. "As you are so horny, I'll satisfy you!"

Nathan carried Ronaim in his arms and walked into the bedroom, and threw her on the bed, ripped her clothes off, and just jumped on her.

"Ah..." Ronaim was torn by the pain and cried out. Her body involuntarily curled up. She could not sustain Nathan's torture since it was her first night. She furrowed her brows tightly.

"Didn't you ask for it? Now you can't have it?" Every movement Nathan made against her body was a humiliation to her. He pinched her chin violently. "Ronaim, if you don't divorce me, I promise that I'll do the same to you and make you live in hell every day!"

Ronaim endured it silently. Although she felt hurt, a smile appeared on her face.

Three years of marriage without sex, at the risk of divorce, Nathan was finally willing to touch her.

Nathan, on the other hand, had no mercy on her.

He was surprised that his wife was still a virgin.

'Isn't everyone in the amusement circle pursuing their career by having sex with big shot guys? How could she keep her virginity so far?' Nathan scowled. 'Ha, a woman who can become a superstar without selling her body! She should have so many tactics in dealing with people.'

Thinking of that, he was even more ruthless and brutal in ravaging Ronaim's delicate tender body.

"Nathan, would you do this to Ko-Hsin too?" Somehow, Ronaim managed to open her mouth and asked. As a response, Nathan's motion became more brutal. He went in and out of her body. She bit her cheeks and stared at the man on her, "Can't you be a little bit more gentle?"

"Ha," said Nathan, sneering. "What makes you think I would be gentle to you?

How can a sl*t like you compare to Ko-Hsin?" Nathan's hands rest on Ronaim's waist, and his words were full of contempt.

Ronaim's heart lurched. Yeah, how could she compare to Ko-Hsin in his heart?

Ko-Hsin grew up with him since they were a child. They had feelings for two decades. She couldn't compete with her.

She closed her eyes and took it silently.

"B*tch, don't act like you are senseless!" Nathan slapped Ronaim's face. Her indifferent look made him very angry.

At this moment, the phone rang.

"Nathan, I just fainted. I'm in the hospital. I'm so scared."

"Ko-Hsin, wait for me. I'll be right there."

Nathan's voice was not at all cold, instead, it was very gentle.

He threw the phone aside and lifted Ronaim's buttocks, got himself out of her.

Ronaim sneered: "Ko-Hsin Lin is really worth of your love, and you're sure to divorce me right away?"

"Of course!" Nathan threw her down and Ronaim fell back and banged her head against the wall. He looked at her with disgust. "You're making me sick."

“Bang", the door was slammed and Nathan disappeared in the villa. Ronaim's tears came out immediately.