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She Wants Revenge

She Wants Revenge


Five years ago, like a fool, she regarded him as God in her heart. Being kidnapped, she asked him to save her and her unborn baby but he refused. On a stormy night, he celebrated his first love’s birthday in the hotel, when she was beaten by the kidnappers and miscarried, then desperately jumping into the ice. Five years later, she came back, as the fiancee of the prince. He bullied into the wedding. "I've got this woman!" "You can't get this woman, because her real identity is..."
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"I fuck! Dare to beat me! "

Looking at the man who was beaten black and blue in front of him, and at the strange woman whose clothes were torn off on the sofa, Sharon Xia's scalp felt numb.

She hit the wrong person!

Just half an hour ago, she received a call for help text message from her friend Quorra Yan. She drove to the senior entertainment club house in a hurry and kicked in the balcony door. She gave a wild beating to the man who was showing his bestiality.

Just as she was about to pull up the woman on the sofa, she realized that she had the wrong box and the wrong person.

The man's face was already injured, but he did not lose his hostility and evil spirit. He was interrupted. His face was overcast, and his hand wiped the blood on the corners of his mouth. A dangerous storm was looming in his eyes.

"Oh, little lady is very good. She studied judo?"

Clearly, it is a sound like spring breeze, but there is a kind of Yinzhi engraved with bone blood.

Sharon Xia swallowed saliva, gave a quick laugh and said sorry: "er ... this, this ... sorry ah! I have the wrong person! "

The balcony was silent and the air seemed to freeze.

The man slowly adjusted his messy clothes, and the Yinzhi blade at the end of his eyes scraped on her face, approaching her step by step. Sharon Xia was shocked and retreated step by step.

"If you have something to say, say it well, or else you will beat me?"

"Hit you?"

The man suddenly smiled, grabbed her by the wrist, pulled her in, laid one arm lazily on the wall, trapped her, lowered his head, and breathed a sigh of relief in her face.

Sharon Xia froze with fright, slightly tilted her face and stammered, "You ... you don't ... want to beat me?"

"What do you say? If you destroy the good things of I, you just want to forget it? Huh? "

A "well" word, the end tone was provoked, with some hostile ambiguity, the man's hot breath made her frowned.

Sharon Xia really wants to slap him!

As he pondered in his heart, he smiled apologetically: "this is not very good. I am not yet eighteen yet! Look at Mr. You look like a human being. You should also be a prominent figure. You were charged with raping a minor girl. Isn't this affecting your reputation? Otherwise, Mr. you leave a phone call for me, I will be eighteen in two months, then I will be delicious and make amends for you. "

The man laughed coldly and stared at her coolly.

"But, I want it now."

Fucking pervert! Beast!

Enduring his anger, Sharon Xia continued to smile: "don't ... I'll blush and be shy."

"You are courageous."

"Not bad."

Staring at her for several seconds, the man suddenly leaned over and closed in, "aren't you afraid I'm a gangster? Believe it or not, I'll take care of you on the spot and give it to my staff. "

"Who are you scaring? I'll see what you do to me!"

The words sound just fell, Sharon Xia suddenly arched his knee and hit the man between his legs with accuracy. The man covered his lower body with pain. She took the opportunity to throw the man over his shoulder, put her foot on his chest, and picked up the man's tie with one hand, face to face.

"People put on airs, don't bully me I am young don't understand! Who do who also don't know! scum man!”

With that, Sharon Xia grabbed the door and fled.

"I fuck! Somebody! "

The man's cold eyes locked the door and roared loudly.

“Mr. Long! Ah? Mr. Long!” People looked at the man on the ground covering his lifeblood, face changed, only Nuo Nuo to help him on the ground.

Men's surly to the extreme, cold light in the eyes hate can't people dismembered body ten thousand pieces.

"Idiot! Don't give me chase that girl! Block the gate! Not a fly is allowed to fly out! "