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The Deserted Bride

The Deserted Bride



A single party on the eve of an engagement, framed by her sister, yet she walked into an unfamiliar man's room by mistake? On the day of the engagement ceremony, the indecent video of her being framed had actually been broadcasted publicly? Her fiancé was stunned. Would the Lances annulled the marriage? Was her stepmother exposing that she wasn't her biological daughter? Her father was sick. The ownership was taken away. What happened in one night? Wasn't she the princess of the Greens? When she was in despair, that man suddenly appeared! Reverse everything?
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"Eternal Love" was the most famous and luxurious auditorium in New York City, it was the holy land for wedding for many couples. At this moment, in the auditorium, there were large groups of guests, at the end of the red carpet stood a gentle and refined man, his eyes full of happiness.

This was the eldest son of Lance family and the eldest daughter of Green family's engagement ceremony!

The two families were both rich and influential in New York City, so they were well—matched. As for the two engaged to each other, they were childhood friends and had been in love for many years.

On the other side of the red carpet, Emma Green, one of the main characters today, was in a trance.

As she looked at the other side of the carpet, the man who was happily waiting for her, a hint of confusion appeared in her eyes. She recalled the scene that night......

Before the engagement, her little sister had prepared a grand bachelor party for her. After tonight, she would be engaged, and she would become the wife of the man she loved. This was the last indulgence before marriage!

During the ball, Emma immersed herself in indulgence, at the same time, she showed off her wedding banquet to the bunch of single men and women!

After drinking the red wine, her dimples became more attractive. Tonight, she would definitely drink herself!

However, all the good things had come to an end when she opened her eyes the next morning.

"AHH!" There came a loud scream!

Emma opened her eyes and felt something huge was standing in front of her.

"Little beauty, you're awake?" Seeing her reaction, the shadow opened his mouth and his big palm on her body started to move around.

It was a man!

Gosh, the night before she was going to get engaged, she had a hangover. The next day, when she woke up, she saw a man.

"Who are you?" Emma Green was completely shocked, and subconsciously trembled as she spoke.

The man smiled. His charming lips curled up as he bent over and stuck close to her petite ear while exhaling, "Who I am is not important. You only need to know that I am about to become your man......"


"He's about to be my man!" Emma shook her head, as if she was trying to throw those memories out of her mind!

That night, she got drunk. And the most annoying thing was that she didn't return to the room her sister arranged for her. Instead, she mistakenly went to someone else's room and ended up sleeping with a strange man!

Emma could still remember the profound look in the man's eyes when she kicked him off the bed. "A wild woman who made misunderstanding? Woman, you have successfully raised my interest! "

"What's wrong, Emma?" Came her father's voice, pulling her back to reality!

At this moment, the engagement banquet was underway. She was the main character of the day!

"It's fine, don't be too nervous!" He carried Emma and solemnly walked to the other side of the red carpet. On that side, his fiance, Quentin Lance, was already waiting for her!

Walking to the end, her father gave her hand over to Quentin Lance. He patted his shoulder and they looked at each other, "I'll leave my daughter to you today!"

"She is my princess!" Quentin lovingly looked at her. The gentleness made her joyous!

All of her worries were thrown away. She felt that, at this moment, she was the happiest woman in the world!

The projector in front played the scenes of Emma and Quentin's events. They had known each other when they were children, and loved each other since then...... it was so sweet, even if she was a casual woman, her eyes were still filled with tears. She watched seriously, but unexpectedly, the scene on the screen suddenly changed, and everyone was shocked.

On the screen, a petite and exquisite woman stumbled into a room, she raised her head. She was one of the main characters of the day. Moments later, a black figure appeared, and entered. Through the weak cracks, one could even see the image of the two intertwined.

At the engagement banquet, a video of an affair was broadcast?

Quentin was gentle and graceful, the person on the screen was tall, and was obviously not him.

Emma's face immediately turned pale. Before she could even react, Quentin's mother had already stood up and slapped her heavily in the face!

"Bitch, is this how your parents educate you?" The Lance Family had always paid attention to family tradition. To expose such a matter was undoubtedly embarrassing for everyone in the family. How could she not be angry?

"What a joke." As soon as her voice fell, disdainful rebuttal sounded from below the stage.

"My daughter was dignified and virtuous! How could she be so shameless?" The one who spoke was Francesco Green, her stepmother!

After saying that, she looked at Emma, and the contempt and disdain in her eyes deepened. "She, Emma Green, is only an adopted daughter. My family was kind enough to take her in, but who could have expected that she would do such a disgraceful thing! "

With this said, everyone's eyes immediately turned to look at the bride.

There were disdain and curiosity...

Emma's mind went blank. In the end, she looked at her father without knowing what to do.

Her father, who always loved her and praised her, stood up. He angrily slapped towards Francesco: "Bullshit!"

"Bullshit?" Francesco dodged him, she grinded her teeth and said, "I was only trying to tell you the truth, Alfred, you're really good, regard other people's daughter as the apple of your eye instead of your biological daughter!"

"I have been suppressed by Rose Green for my entire life, I will definitely not allow my daughter to suffer the same fate as me!"

As she spoke, she took a step forward and leaned towards Emma, "Alfred, everything has just begun. I will slowly get back what was taken away by Rose! I will destroy her with my own hands. I will ruin her reputation, I will......"

The last few words were said by Francesco in a whisper, but before she could say anything, everyone saw Alfred cover his chest, falling to the ground with spasm.

"Daddy......" A heartbroken voice resounded in the room.

At almost the exact same time, two delicate figures flashed over.

One was dressed in wedding dress, with a desolate look in her eyes, while the other was exquisite and beautiful. She looked really pitiful.

"Old sister, it's enough. Father is made so angry by you that he's sick. What else do you want?"

As she hugged her father sorrowfully, Anne Green pushed aside Emma who was trying conduct CPR on him and roared with all her strength.

Emma was caught off guard, and she fell to the ground with her face facing the ceiling, she felt the excruciating pain from her butt hitting the ground.

She wanted to retort, but she didn't know how to start. In the end, she wanted to get up and look at her father, but she discovered that her legs didn't even have the strength to stand up.

She didn't want to cry, but as tears rolled down her face, she realized that her eyes were already wet.

Emma had been pampered by Alfred for more than ten years, it was the first time in her life to feel so powerless.

She didn't even have the strength to move her limbs. She mechanically turned her neck over. She wanted to ask for help, but she saw her fiance's pleasant face replaced by indifference and disdain.

His eyes were lifeless, and his expression was numb, as if he didn't recognize her.


She repeated it countless times in her mind. She wanted to speak, but she forgot how.

However, things did not end there!