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The Super League of Dragon Killers

The Super League of Dragon Killers



In the Dragon Continent, a colossal dragon towered over the heavens, dominating the world and wielding great power over all humans. On Earth, a young mafia lord was betrayed by his subordinates. His soul penetrated the Dragon Continent, the Qin Tang Empire, and the thirteenth son of the champion, Ning Qi, had activated the Strongest Dragon Slaying System and changed his fate ever since. He carried a dragon-slaying saber on his shoulder, wielded a divine sword in his hands, and slaughtered his enemies and crushed the Three Realms. "The scions of Venerable families, geniuses of sects, and experts of the dragon race, all one move!" "Damn it, who else is there?!"
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"Zhang Tian, how dare you betray your father! Your father will never forgive you even if I become a ghost!"

Following the roar, Ning Qi suddenly opened his eyes, instantly feeling an extremely sharp pain all over his body, following that, he touched his body in pleasant surprise, I'm not dead?

He had been betrayed by his most capable subordinate, Zhang Tian. He was pushed down the cliff, but he didn't die?

"Haha, Zhang Tian, just you wait. I will come to take revenge on you right away!"

Ning Qi laughed out loud, the laughter was too loud, immediately ripping into the wounds on his body, the pain making him grimace in pain.

"Is this bastard crazy?"

Two people who had pitiful expressions on their faces stood in front of Ning Qi, while looking at him coldly.

It was only then that Ning Qi realized that something was amiss. He wasn't falling from a cliff, and he wasn't in a desolate mountain, so why would he be at the hospital? What is this place? So many fake mountains and flowing water? Garden?

Why were the two fellows in front of him looking at him like that? A bastard? Were they wearing clothes for filming? Just like an ancient costume?

Suddenly, Ning Qi felt a sharp pain in his head, pieces of memories rushed into his mind, as though he was in a movie and experienced everything that the fellow inside who looked exactly the same as him had experienced, from young until now, he didn't miss a single thing!

"This is the Dragon Continent, the Qin and Tang Empire? My father was the champion? My mother was a servant of the First Lady in the past? I'm a bastard? "

"My mother gave birth to me and I died of an illness. Am I still alive and breathing like a dog?"

"My father treats me as if I'm a stranger. First Lady views me as an enemy, and in the entire The House of the Champion, no one views me as their young master. Even those side branch's servants and servants can bully me?"

"Dammit, I was just picking up a handkerchief out of good intentions, but First Lady's slave girl actually framed me for having bad intentions towards her, and got hung up for ten days and ten nights, then was thrown to the entrance of the courtyard without any signs of life! I will kill you! No one can frame me for Ning Qi!"

"This world is too mystical. There are actually monsters that can train in this world?" However, no matter how powerful the humans were, they were still suppressed by the dragon race. The real ruler of the Dragon Continent was the dragon race! "

In an instant, Ning Qi accepted the memories, and fused with them, making no distinction between them.


"The Strongest Dragon Slaying System is currently active. Host, please don't move recklessly."

"1% 12%"

"What is this?" Ning Qi was confused by the voice in his mind.

"100% Supreme Dragon Slaying System successful."

Host: Ning Qi.

Grade: Body Tempering First Level. From the Body Tempering Realm to the Tenth Order, Dou Zhe, Dou Shi, Da Dou Shi, Dou Ling, fighting King, Fighting Sovereign, Fighting Sect, fighting Celetial, fighting Saint, fighting Saint, fighting Emperor.

Experience Points: 0/20

Cultivation Method: lower yellow grade Body Tempering Art.

Martial Skills: None.

HP: 1/20

Dragon Slaying Coin: 0

The Merchant Shop system has not been activated, please obtain the Dragon Slaying Coin as soon as possible.

"Why would such a thing appear in my mind?" The Strongest Dragon Slaying System? " Ning Qi endured the pain and crawled up from the ground, ignoring the mocking gazes of the two servants, he walked towards his courtyard with a limp. This courtyard only had one room, it was actually more like a servant's courtyard in The House of the Champion, if not for the fact that he had the blood of the champion, he would not have gotten this courtyard.

This was the healing pellet that Ning Qi had secretly hidden for the past fifteen to sixteen years. He poured one out and stuffed it into his mouth, then carefully hid the remaining healing pellets under the bed.

At this point, his HP had dropped to 10/20. It recovered 9 HP.

This further confirmed that the Strongest Dragon Slaying System was real, and not just his misconception. Ning Qi immediately felt his heart burn with passion, he already knew the level of strength in this world, the champion was the Three—Star Dou Wang, the stronger they were, the more respect he would receive.

Life in this world was especially worthless. Every day, people would die fighting and killing each other, and even in the The House of the Champion, seven to eight corpses would be brought out from the back door every month. Some of the servants would be executed, while some would die secretly.

Just like Ning Qi, if he had not transmigrated, the master of this body, who had the same surname and surname as him, would be one of the seven to eight corpses!

Even those with the blood of a Marquis could be killed as he pleased. Only those with great strength would be able to protect themselves.

"However, the body forging technique that this body itself cultivates is the lowest level cultivation technique in this world. How do I obtain a higher level cultivation technique?" Experience Points? With experience points, I can level up. Does that mean if I get experience points, I can level up and become a Dou Zhe, Dou Shi? "

Ning Qi felt that it was necessary to test it out. Coincidentally, a mouse ran towards him at this time, Ning Qi remembered it! It was the old house in the yard.

"I can only sacrifice you, my friend."

After crushing the rat to death with a single stomp.

"Congratulations to the Host for killing an Inferior Grade One Demonic Beast. The reward is five experience points."

"Since this is the first time the host has killed a demon beast, the system specifically rewarded the host with a large gift pack. Host, please pay attention to check if you have received it."

In the Attributes Bar, there was a small gift pack that was spinning non—stop. Ning Qi used his mind to click on it.

"Congratulations to the host for obtaining a bottle of lower yellow grade Elixir 'Huichun Dan'. There is a total of 12 of them, and each bottle can recover 20 HP."

"Hahaha, you are indeed experienced. You even let me obtain an entire bottle of Huichun Dan. The effects are more than twice as good as the pills I gave you before! My HP is also only 20 points, this one is equivalent to my life! "

Ning Qi was extremely excited.

Ning Qi's eyes suddenly swept across a buddhist shrine in the corner of the room and his mood became incomparably sorrowful. He slowly walked to the buddhist shrine and Ning Qi looked at a black bone ash box and said. "Mother, I will prove to everyone that I am not a bastard, I want to prove that I am stronger than the champion Marquis. One day, I will make him kneel in front of you and kowtow and admit his wrongs!"

"Hahaha, what a joke!"

Ning Qi suddenly turned around, only to see a young man holding onto his stomach, laughing out loud.

"Ning Long, what are you doing here? You're not welcome here."

Ning Qi said coldly.

This person was the son of the seventh brother of the champion, a side branch. However, in his memories, Ning Long had always been a main force that bullied Ning Qi's group. Out of the more than a hundred hidden injuries on Ning Qi's body, at least thirty to forty of them had been caused by him!

"If I didn't come here today and didn't hear about someone as outrageous as you, then that bastard is really a bastard. If I were to tell First Lady or Master Hou these words, do you think you'd still be alive?"

Ning Long sneered.

"I forgot to tell you, the servant Xiao Yuan that you teased is my lover. She even dared to touch my, Ning Long's, people.

After Ning Long finished speaking, his body suddenly burst out a ball of light red battle qi.

This was the battle qi unique to Stellar Fighter!

Ning Qi was directly sent flying by Ning Long, and smashed into the few pieces of furniture in his room. Ning Qi's HP dropped to 3/20 instantly.

A sweet sensation rose in his throat and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.