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The Beloved Daughter of Powerful Lord

The Beloved Daughter of Powerful Lord



Wei Ling's clothes never expected that he would vomit himself to death just because he was a keyboard hero. When she closed her eyes, she discovered that she had actually teleported. As the most ferocious and vicious female companion to the death of this book, Wei Qingyi felt that she was under a lot of pressure! Facing the end where he was hacked into pieces by the female lead, Wei Pingyi's face was completely lifeless. The male lead was a disaster, and Wei Yan Yi indicated that even if he were even more trouble, he wouldn't be able to hurt himself. I can't afford to offend him. Can't we just hide a little? How did he manage to hide and hide, and end up messing with him? The original author, you come here, I promise I won't beat you to death!
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A spacious carriage was on the mountainousl road.

It was early spring. The rain was drizzling heavily, the roof of the carriage was bright with oil, and the glazed bell hanging around the carriage was making a clear sound. The sound was not loud, but it was rather pleasing to the ears.

In the car, there was a small desk with a wooden top, and on it were neatly arranged cakes, a few books,and a pot of honey water with flowers. Sitting behind the table was a young girl. She was in her prime, and her fragrance was floating in the air. The young girl's face was blurry, but it didn't induce her beauty at all. What really attracts people is her character inside. Wei Ruoyi was rally a beauty, both inside and outside. When she did not laugh, her eyes carried a little coldness and aloofness that made people unable to approach her, and when she laughed, it was as if she had become a completely different person. She was extremely beautiful and lively, and even had a hint of gentleness that seeped into the bone.

Wei Ruoyi's current sitting posture was extremely indecent. A beauty like her should have elegant and proper manners, which could even more contrast her noble identity and extraordinary beauty. However, she was like a pile of mud that was stuck inside the soft cushion behind the table.

A pair of black, mercury—like eyes looked at the beautiful roof of the carriage, Wei Ruoyi's mind was wandering around.

The two servant girls, Lv Rui and Lv E, were exchanging glances by the side.Their lady was stunned again.

At first, everyone thought that she was sick because her head was hit. However, after the doctor's repeated verification, her body was very good. It was just that the collision was quite fierce and she had been unconscious for two hours.

At first, the carriage was quiet. Without any warning, the carriage suddenly shook violently.

Bang, Wei Ruoyi was caught off guard, she tilted to the side, and her head struck the side of the carriage again.

Wei Ruoyi... I really want to flip the table! If she bumped into the desk again, she would become a fool!

The two servants suddenly swayed to the side. They were too busy to care about Wei Ruoyi.

"What happened?" Wei Ruoyi held her head and asked loudly, stars appeared in her eyes, and her head was hit so hard that it made a buzzing sound.

Just as she finished her sentence, she heard the guards outside cry out loudly, "Who are you!"

"How dare you!"

"Protect our lady!"

Robbing? To steal money or to rub? Was it a bandit?

In the chaos, Wei Ruoyi's thoughts were all over the place, but she was still unable to come up with a single conclusion.

The noise from outside was so loud that it was almost a complete mess.

Not only did the carriage not slow down, it was also constantly increasing its speed, causing the bumps on the road to increase. The carriage's speed did not decrease, but it was constantly increasing its speed, causing the bumps on the road to increase.

The people in the carriage were all knocked over, and because they were used to it, they all flew backwards, the fruits and honey tea on the table flew out and covered Wei Ruoyi's face, the honey water flowed down along her clothes.

With a loud noise, the carriage's walls were smashed apart by the external force, the force was so great, causing Wei Ruoyi's body to fly out. She did not even have the time to cry out in shock, her waist was suddenly grabbed by someone, and was lifted up.

In the midst of panic, Wei Ruoyi's eyes were blinded by the rain of threads, and she could not tell who had grabbed onto her. He only caught a glimpse of the corners of a navy blue robe, and at the corners of the clothes, there were colorful silk threads embroidered with the patterns of the sea.