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Rebirth of Miss Phoenix

Rebirth of Miss Phoenix



Didn't they say that she was an idiot? How did he become so intelligent all of a sudden? He even got the title of the world's most talented girl? Didn't you say that she is ugly? How could she be as beautiful as a descending Celestial Immortal? That Prince Xian, who had openly reneged on her marriage and despised her ugliness, was about to turn green from his regret! Didn't they say that she was willing to marry him for the sake of Prince Xian? Now that he gave her the title of an official wangfei, how could she not feel disdain for him?! Didn't they say that she was powerless? How could he go on the battlefield to kill his enemies and take back all the states on Saturday? More powerful than the generals! Weren't women supposed to be gentle, virtuous, and dignified? Why was she acting so domineering like a man? She was so beautiful that it radiated in all directions!
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In the midnight, the moon was gradually covered by dark clouds. It was as if a storm was brewing.

Candles flickered in Yi Ran Residence in Southeast Area,the madam of Xi Family was currently whispering with her servant . Suddenly, her voice rose with a hint of sharpness: "Master is staying in that slut's house again?"

"Why does madame get angry at those inferior people ? Madame is merciful enough to not argue with her, and allowed her to serve in front of Master. She got pregnant mercifully, and since she didn't know how to appreciate favors and forgets gratitude, why don't we use that way … … " old mother hurriedly appeased her anger. After serving madame for more than ten years, she knew how to appease her anger.

"That's right, we'll use the same method done for Xi Er to deal with that slut. We'll definitely make sure that no doctor could find anything strange .”Madame let out a strange laugh, "As for that little bastard , I originally want to torture her for a few more years before killing her life. Who know that her body wouldn't go through so much torture and would end up dead just like that?!"

"With the powerful potions of 'Headache Mad' and 'Berserk Powder', even an adult would find it hard to resist, not to mention that she's only sixteen years old." The female servant said with a benevolent expression. It was hard to imagine her with Buddha's smiling face actually saying such heartless words, "The eldest daughter's method is still the best. Let the King og Xian seduced Xi Er and then abandoned her. Only then will she have a justifiable reason to go crazy.

"King of Xian has deep love for Feng Er. It's a pity that Feng Er is destined to become the empress. He's just a hedonistic Young Master, how could he be worthy of our Feng'er." Madame had a face full of disdain when she talked about King of Xian, but when she talked about her daughter, her eyes were filled with pride!

"Hu hu hu — —" Suddenly, a cold wind blew and the candle on the table flickered continuously. The two of them thought that it was the wind outside, but they didn't know that beside the two of them in the room, there was also a white—clothed, elegant and pale faced young lady standing behind the madame. She was the dead 'Xi Jiu’er', the bitch Xi Er that they spoke of!

Her eyes turned red with great wrath. She wanted to kill the two sheep—covered wolves .She had always thought that they were really good to her. She never thought that they had killed her mother! She had been blind for so many years even treating her as her own mother. Heavens, what had she done?

"Madame... Madame... the servant who served the Ninth Miss, Liu Xiang, hanged herself! " A maid came to report outside the door.

The Madame who was about to go to bed, was angry: "What are you yelling about? Just wrap her up and throw her out . Why are you asking me about this trivial matter?Do you eat free meals in Xi Family?"

Liu Xiang... Liu Xiang... A maid had taken care of her for ten years. Every time she suffered from a headache, she would always be her target of venting. She would never complaint or regret to be her maid. Did she hang herself? Did she hang herself? Silly girl, silly girl, didn't I give you enough silver to leave? Why didn't you leave? Why didn't you leave the Xi Family?

With a loud bang, a torrential downpour followed … …

"My head... "So dizzy!" Xi Jiu’er felt as if her entire body had been crushed by a car, and she did not have any strength when she was conscious, she felt extremely dizzy.

"Miss, are you okay?" Liu Xiang's surprised and happy voice sounded out beside her ears. It was so intimate that made her want to cry. Hehe, Liu Xiang already hanged herself. How could she heard Liu Xiang's voice? Unless they were all dead. Yes, they were all dead! She also had accompany her on the road to netherworld!

"Liu Xiang!" With great effort, she opened her eyes, and saw a small, tender face. Liu Xiang’s wet eyes were still filled with tears, and she held her hands together in a bow: "Thank god Miss has finally woken up, Amitabha, Amitabha!"

Xi Jiu’er looked at Liu Xiang with an almost greedy gaze. Liu Xiang was still the same Liu Xiang, and she looked younger than her memories! Wait a minute, Liu Xiang looked to be only thirteen or fourteen years old with a childish face. Looking carefully at her house’s decoration, this was not the path to the netherworld. It was clearly her Agarwood Courtyard that she was most familiar with!

Eh, wasn't that the blue and white porcelain vase I bought when I was thirteen? Wasn't it already given to Xi Wanfeng, how could it still be here? An inconceivable idea came to her mind so quickly she grabbed onto Liu Xiang still worshiping God and said "What year is this year?"

"Miss, what's wrong? This year is the fifteenth year of the Great Zhou Empire! "

Jin Yun fifteenth year? Then,it wouldn't be long before that she met Mu Qiushui, the "first most handsome man in Zhou dynasty. Then, she fell in love with Mu Qiushui at first sight and insisted on being with him no matter what. She almost broke all ties with the Xi Family just for this. She was abandoned then she was drugged by Madame.Then she began to have headaches, and finally be crazy... Then she died.

They calculated step by step and link by link. It was indeed an good way. She was so grateful that the heavens pitied her and allowed her to gain a new life.She wouldn't spare anyone who had hurt her before! Madame, King of Xian, and Xi Wanfeng,all wait my revenge!

"Miss, Master ordered you to stay in your courtyard for pray and regret. You are not allowed to leave." Liu Xiang asked in confusion, "Miss, why are you pushing the eldest miss into water ? Instead, you fell into the water yourself."

That's right, she had been playing with Xi Wanfeng in the pavilion . Somehow, she had suddenly fallen into the water, and was accused of pushing Xi Wanfeng into water, making her unable to explain anything. In the end, she was imprisoned by Xi Hongsheng in the courtyard for half a month.

In her previous life, she really thought that she had accidentally fallen into the water, but now she was definitely sure that Xi Wanfeng framing her!

In her previous life, she hated Madame and her children. Because of in her family of hundred of years, Xi Hongsheng had two wives in his current family. His first wife was her mother, Song Xi'er. Because she had been unable to have children ever since she was married,then her father married the second wife who had given birth to two daughters and a son. As for Xi Jiu’er, she was the ninth oldest.Her mother born her but she died due toIn her previous life, she hated Madame and her children. Because of in her family of hundred of years, Xi Hongsheng had two wives in his current family. His first wife was her mother, Song Xi'er. Because she had been unable to have children ever since she was married,then her father married the second wife who had given birth to two daughters and a son. As for Xi Jiu’er, she was the ninth oldest.Her mother born her but she died due to maternal hemorrhage.

Everyone had mistakenly thought that her mother died for maternal hemorrhage,but who would have thought that it was a trick by Madame!

Xi Jiu—Er had no mother since she was a child. The Madame also pretended to love her, in order to not let others say gossips. She hated Madame and her children. She thought that they had taken everything that belonged to her and her mother, so she used all her methods to hate them.

When she met Mu Qiushui and firmly loved him, everyone was against it. Only Madame and madame’s persons supported her, and at that time she did not hate her anymore.But She didn't expect that she opened her heart to them and but she was framed .Only now did she understand that Madame had been waiting for an opportunity to frame her …

Thinking about this matter, although she planned to teach Xi Wanfeng a lesson by her own method, how could she think that she was being tricked and framed?

Half a month …. Why didn't she do something else for half a month? Xi Jiu’er suddenly laughed. Didn't you guys plan to let Mu Qiushui seduce me? Very good, let me see how your wishful thinking works!

Madame, just wait my revenge.

Chang’an Street was a place of pleasure where merchants, officials, and nobles must pass through .It was the biggest brothel in Zhou Dynasty — Drunken Immortal Tavern! Inside, there was the world's most beautiful prostitute — Shui Xian! This was the most chaotic place in the government and shopping mall in the world. Chang’an Street was a place where even the emperor had to be wary of. It was not because of people, but because of complicated relationships!

Some people really came here to have fun and play. Some people regarded this place as their stepping stone to success. Some people were looking for opportunities to make a fortune here. Everything would start after nightfall. Staring at the fawning faces downstairs, the King of Xian raised his thin lips and revealed a disdainful smile.

"Your Highness..." A charming and very soft voice rang beside his ears. The famous prostitute Shui Xian with her soft body and depended him, fiddled with a strand of hair with her slender white lustrous fingers, and stared fixedly at Mu Qiushui: "The scout reported that he received news that Feng Qingcheng had arrived in the Great Zhou Empire!"

Mu Qiushui's eyes darkened. Feng Qingcheng? The eldest son of the Feng Clan's emperor? What was he doing in the Zhou Dynasty?

"The girls of Xi Family have their own unique characteristics.The eldest miss is the most talent in our Great Zhou Empire spoken by Esteemed Empress Dowager, who would dare to doubt it? As for the second miss, she was publicly recognized as the most beautiful in Zhou Dynasty. As the ninth miss,she was the most stupid woman, and she didn't even have a better look than my family's maidservant … Hahaha... Do you agree! " The one who said these was the empress dowager's nephew. The empress dowager had always doted on her nephew and he was the eldest son of the Xue family. He would inherit the Xue Clan in the future.

"Ha ha—ha, right,right! Young Master Xue's words are extremely logical! "

"Aiya, this ninth miss was born by the dead madame in Xi family. When I went to visit Xi Family with my father, I saw Xi Wanfeng playing Qin. But who would have thought that when the next played qin, it would be so unbearable to listen . The devil music pierced my brain, and after asking the servant later on, I found out that she was the ninth miss! "

"I heard my olde sister coming back to say that not only was that she was not as good—looking as her elder sister, and was not as talent as her elder sister. Even her heart was not as kind as elder sister's, and she even pushed her sister into the pond. Her heart is really vicious … …"

Everyone started to discuss spiritedly, regardless if it was real or fake, or whether it was exaggerated or not. They just wanted to ingratiate Young Master Xue.

Mu Qiushui: "Has Xi Family been making any moves recently?"

Shui Xian smiled charmingly "Xi Family and the Mi concubine are very close, I think it's because they plan to send their daughter to the palace!"