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The Dote on me of Billionaire President

The Dote on me of Billionaire President



Ye Zixuan was once a noble young Miss with a happy family. But her father was framed by her fiance and was sent to jail. To help father get rid of the trouble, she made a secret deal with Huo Jingyan, a big shot with a handsome appearance and enchanting voice. He called her the wimpy kid, but she hated the childish name and insisted that she was mature. Indeed, she was a mature woman, who was so fascinating and caught his eyes when they met the first time. But it was her boldness and innocence that truly attracted him. "You are mine. I won't let you go!" In her cell phone, she secretly edited his name as "husband." He was willing to play the role and promised to handle her father's matter.
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The corridor of the hotel was silent in the dead of night.

Ye Zixuan stood outside a presidential suite, biting her lower lip,struggling to whether enter into the room or not.

Her long and thick eyelashes were gently trembling. No one knew how long she had stood there. The next second, she suddenly made up her mind and placed her room card on the door handle.

Beep beep — the door opened!

She was so nervous that she gripped the room card tightly and carefully pushed the door, entering the room cautiously.

Pa! The door closed automatically, scaring her. Ye Zixuan just realized that the room was in a complete dark. Is there anyone here? How strange, why don't you turn on the lights.

" Huo…Mr. Huo? "

"Boss Huo?"

"Huo Jingyan?"


Ye Zixuan was a little disappointed. It was so hard to get the news that he was staying here tonight, and with so much money getting this room card, could it be that all of her efforts were for naught?

At that moment …

"Speak, I'm listening."

A deep and enchanting voice slowly appeared in the darkness without any warning. To be honest, it was so amazing!

This was probably the legendary bass cannon. It sounded like a big BOSS.

Hearing this voice, Ye Zixuan's eyes widened in surprise, and she impatiently said: "Mr.Huo, I'm sorry, although I'm a little bold, I know that this is very immoral of me, but can you give me five minutes, I just need five minutes!"

Then, there came a disdainful sneer from the darkness , followed by footsteps, steady yet strange …

"Two minutes have passed."

Ye Zixuan stood in this darkness with no sense of security. She could hear his footsteps, but she did not know where he was.

"It's like this! You must have seen the latest news too, since I am Ye Ming's daughter. My father Ye Ming was really framed! "

"I know my father! He would never have run away in trouble! I have evidence to prove it! Would you please help him... "


The whole world seemed to be light. After being in darkness for so long, she suddenly felt that the lighting was a little strange. She subconsciously covered her eyes.

However, someone had pulled her hand away from her eyes. The burning gaze was staring right at her, as if it wanted to see through her.

"Ahh …"

Ye Zixuan was startled by the sudden appearance of this man. He could not help but take a step back and stared blankly for a good three seconds.

He … Could it be Huo Jingyan?

A full 187 centimeters tall, arrogant and indifferent, with a pair of indiscernible black eyes as deep as a pool, was staring at her.

That's right, this was Huo Jingyan, the president of the Hopitz Group. On the other hand, Huo Family was one of the top noble families in the country, and was also one of the richest three generations that countless young ladies wanted to marry.

"Is there any use in finding me for this sort of thing?"

This wasn't a question, but a statement. There was no emotion on his handsome face.

Ye Zixuan said weakly: "But your big brother is Huo Jingkun, the president of this city's court …"

Huo Jingyan loosened his grip on her wrist, then raised his arrogant chin: "Then you should go find Huo Jingkun."

Ye Zixuan stopped talking, even the ends of her hair felt uneasy, as if there was no hope for her anymore. However, when she thought about the scene of her father being arrested by the police, she couldn't help but feel pain in her heart. He won't be able to take it!

"I …"

Just as she wanted to speak, Huo Jingyan interrupted her and said in a low voice: "Because Huo Jingkun is old and ugly, and really can't have kiss with him.It was said that he suffered from a venereal disease. So you ignore the humiliation and choose to go to bed with me. "But, is it a shame to sleep with me, or is it a dream …"

She was at a loss for words. Did this man know mind—reading skills? How could he guess this?

However, this feeling of having one's mind being seen through was truly annoying. Awkwardly, must one speak in such a harsh and sarcastic manner! He was still so arrogant and narcissistic! Seriously... It was so speechless.

Huo Jingyan approached her step by step, then leisurely said: "Your logical thinking is not bad. But why you are so confident that I will definitely fall in love with you, toddler."

"Who, who's the toddler! I have been an adult! "

Ye Zixuan kept retreating, and even stuttered when she spoke. She no longer knew what she was saying, but she had already realized that coming to find Huo Jingyan seemed to be the wrong choice.

She retreated until there was nowhere for her to run. Her back collided with an ice—cold wall. Her pure eyes stared at the man in front of her. Just what was he trying to do?!

Huo Jingyan's mouth hooked into a sneer. He lowered his eyes to look at her chest, and said vaguely: "You have indeed grown up. It seems like the Ye Family has raised you quite well."

"You! "Scoundrel!"

Ye Zixuan protected herself with her hands, she regretted it! She regretted so much!

If she could reverse the flow of time, she would have left outside the door without hesitation!

The night outside the window was alluring, as though she was secretly spying on Ye Zixuan, who was feeling extremely awkward tonight.

"It's getting late. I can do some of the things that I need to do after I become an adult." Huo Jingyan intentionally lowered his head, and whispered in her ear in a gentle voice. This little girl was very interesting to him.

"I don't want to!"

Ye Zixuan's reaction was suddenly very strong. She wanted to escape, but he easily pressed her against the wall, and the trace of evil in the smile of him, said, "Could it be that you took the initiative to deliver yourself up to me to discuss national affairs with me? Since you dared to come here, you should have thought about what would happen tonight. "

Although Ye Zixuan had prepared this beforehand and predicted that something would happen, for the sake of her father, she could sacrifice herself!

But now, for some reason, there was only one thought on her mind that she wanted to escape now!

The clean shirt collar that Huo Jingyan had worn brushed lightly across her face. This kind of atmosphere was so dangerous! It seemed as if at any moment, something unsuitable for children could happen.

An ambiguous atmosphere permeated the air. If she didn't run now, she felt that she would be creazy!

"Mr.Huo! I'm sorry, I was wrong, I really know I was wrong, I will never come to find you again, please let me go, please… "

Ye Zixuan almost kneeled down to him, feeling very uncomfortable being suppressed by his aura.

"Ugh …" "Woo! Woo!"

In the next moment, Huo Jingyan lowered his head, grabbed her head, and kissed her pink and tender lips.

Ye Zixuan's mind was blank,her entire body felt like it had been electrocuted. Her two hands pressed against his chest, trying to push him away, but she was unable to do so. Furthermore, she could already feel that his hand had reached under her skirt …

"It's too late."

In the darkness, Huo Jingyan's voice became somewhat sexy and hoarse. A certain idiot didn't even have the right to say no and was drowned in this pitch—black, only leaving behind that gloomy moonlight that shone through the French windows, witnessing everything that happened tonight.