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Till the Day You Leave Me

Till the Day You Leave Me


Bella Ye donated a kidney for her beloved husband, for that, she couldn't be pregnant too soon. Seeing Bella unable to get pregnant, Bella was framed committing adultery and got kicked out and forced to divorce. Three years later, Bella came back with her son, only to find out her beloved ex-husband Edward Long was going to marry her little aunt Ruby, her father's little sister, the same age as her, also her best friend in childhood. Bella then found out that Ruby was the one who did not just create those cheating photos of Bella three years ago, but also bought the doctors and claimed herself to be the kidney donor for Edward... Right when she was going to tell Edward the truth, she was kidnapped by Ruby and locked up on their wedding day...
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The nights in S city were always so charming and colorful. But this had nothing to do with a single mother who was struggling for life.

It was the rush hour that people come off work, a slim figure struggled to get off the bus, glanced at the traffic lights in a hurry, and ran straight across the road.

Bella Ye was worried about her son because she was late for picking him up from kindergarten.

Suddenly, a black Rolls-Royce sped by, it was so fast that Bella could do nothing but fell down to the ground.

The car backed up and stopped beside her.

Then a tall man came down from the car, looking down upon her face without a blink.

“Bella Ye。”

It's been three years, she did not expect to meet her ex-husband Edward Long, president of Long's Corporation. Looking at his perfect face, the sad memory came back and haunted her.

"It's you!" Bella stepped back unconsciously.

"Oh, how dare you to come back?" When he was in the hospital because of a car accident, she cheated on him, leaving behind a divorce agreement and disappearing.

He had been looking for her crazily for three years. How dare she come back when he could almost let bygones be bygones?

"S city is not your home, why can't I come back?" She was so angry when she recalled she was framed by Long's family and forced to sign the divorce agreement three years ago.

She used to blame all this for her mother-in-law. And then the news of her husband's engagement to her little aunt Ruby Ye tore her heart into pieces.

How could they be so shameless to blame her?

"Now you have no guts to admit, haven't you? It seems like someone needs some discipline!" Edward clamped Bella's chin with such force as to crush her.

"Leave me alone, you have no right to treat me like this."

"Really?" Edward smiled with rage, "I'll let you know now whether I am qualified or not."

Then he pulled her hair and dragged her into the car.

"Ah" her head hit the door and felt dizzy. "Edward, what do you want?"

"I want you. And I'm happy to continue the thing we haven't finished three years ago." Edward violently tore off the belt of her dress and bounded her hands.

"No, we've divorced, you can't ..." Bella said in anger.

Three years later, he was still so high-handed.

"Really? Since I haven't signed, and you are still mine. " He grabbed her by the collar and came even more closely.

The following both strange and familiar smells were surrounding Bella. Her memory went back to the stormy night three years ago when she was evicted from her home by Long's families. Then in despair, she chose to jump into the sea to commit suicide ...

"Edward, since you chose Ruby Ye, why don't you let me go?"

"Leave you alone, so you could hang out with other men? Bella, there is only one destiny for women who betray me ... "

"But I've never done anything wrong to you," Bella said angrily to his terrifying eyes.

The cool fingertips lingered on her lips while the other hand fanned the flames on her.

"I don't take any words from this mouth, why don't you tell me by the other mouth of you ..."