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Slumdog Legend

Slumdog Legend



  Eric, who used to be a super hero, but now is selling barbecues on the opposite to the university. And occasionally he meets Princess Candy who is being followed. He reminds her kind-heartily, but is regarded as chatting up…
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  Stanford University, the best university in California.

  At noon, under the scorching sun, the students who walked out of the campus were like chickens with a plague and could not stand the hot weather.

  However, many of the male students were still full of energy. Their eyes glanced from time to time, sometimes pretending looking steadily forward.

  One by one, their legs, which were especially dazzling in the sun, and their clothes that were thin like a veil, all revealed the girls' youthful beauty.

  "The target is 700 meters away,the wind power is level two, the wind is to the southwest, three quarters to the right, two points to the left ..."

  Opposite the school gate, at a barbecue stand, under the awning,a man holding a cigarette was holding a pair of charcoal tongs. The tip of the tongs pointed at the school playground. Over there, a beautiful and sexy girl came to the school with her book.

  "Boss, two strings of sausages,and a cup of cola!"

  "Ok!" Eric quickly put away his tongs, immediately took out two hams from the board, peeled off the plastic shell, and started to work.

  Suddenly, a car slowly drove over. The Pack—colored Land Rover Aurora dazzled under the scorching sun, causing Eric, who was busy, to look over.

  In places like Stanford University, there are a lot of rich students,and there are many luxury cars pass by, but this Land Rover Aurora just parked beside the barbecue stand,and the window was open. He could see two men seat in the car.

  One of the men was holding his phone and taking photos of the other side of the car window. Eric glanced at him and stunned, because the two men were picturing the beautiful woman who was coming over.

  Maybe it was just an admirer secretly taking a photo as a souvenir, or maybe just picturing a beauty purely, but Eric thought that it was not simple. He could see a trace of murder and conspiracy from the eyes of the two men!

  It's weird! Eric frowned, but at this moment, the car window was closed and slowly left.

  Candy walked out of the school gate and walked past Eric's barbecue stand. She did not know that she was being targeted and did not feel any danger. She was not in a good mood because she had a fight with her dad.

  "Hi, beauty!" Just then, Candy caught a glimpse of an unfamiliar man walking over. She could not help but frowning because the man was covered in oil and had stubble. Obviously he was from the barbecue stand roadside.

  "What’s the matter?"

  Nine out of the ten beauties were superior, so Eric did not care, just kindly reminded her,"Someone is looking at you, be careful recently, you’d better not to go out alone!"

  Candy looked at him up and down, her eyes disdained, and her heart could not help but saying: I’m afraid you're on top of me.

  Candy had met too many boring people accosting her, so she ignored him. She glanced coldly at him and left without looking back.

  Feeling like his kindness came to no good, and Eric was unhappy as well. Then, he turned around and returned to the barbecue stand to roast the ham again.

  "Punch, Uncle, you are humiliated? That's Candy, our school flower!"The girl sitting on the barbecue chair with pockmarks laughed at him.

  Eric's eyes blinked and he said with a grin, "What? Uncle? Little sister, I'm after 90!"

  "Even if you are after 90, you are hopeless. There are ten thousand or eight thousand other suitors in the university; she doesn’t like any of them. She has a high vision!" Seeing the countless suitors, no one was in the mood.

  Eric shrugged his shoulders. Her admirers had nothing to do with him, and he was not interested in such a rich family. He just kindly reminded her originally, but she did not appreciate him at all.

  Actually, he was really after 90, but because of his different experiences, he seemed to have a well—defined face. Especially his knife—like cheeks made him like an uncle.

  After two sausages were grilled, the barbecue stand was free again. In fact, on such a hot summer day, the business during the day was not good at all. However, Eric had nothing to do during the day, so he was still standing on a hot day. Not to mention anything else, it was not bad to look at the cool beauty in and out of university at leisure.

  Sleeping in a simple, oil—filled chair, he suddenly heard the noise in the next room. He opened his eyes and saw three or four young punks were not far away.

  "What's going on?" Eric walked over with his cigarette, ten meters from his barbecue stand was a man selling pancakes, like fifties or so, whose face was dry and sallow, holding tightly the few tickets in his hand, which look like less than fifty dollars.

  "I really don't have any money. Please do me a favor; I'll give it to you in two days." The old man faced the young punks, unable to do anything. The young men stood beside the old man's pancake stand and picked up the freshly baked pancake, had two bites and threw it. "Old man, it's a rule. Believe it or not, we would screw up your stand! "

  "Are you guys from the Green Dragon Gang? Didn't you just receive the protection fee the other day?" Eric frowned. It was normal for the triad to receive the protection fee. How could these vendors do business?

  The young punks glanced at Eric and arrogantly said, "The work is being transferred. Our brothers are responsible for this area from now on. You can't run away too, young man. Double of that old man. "

  "Buddy, stop doing this!" Eric frowned and his face looked pale.

  "What? You plan not to give it? You want fixing?" The young bastards spat at Eric as if they were going to fix him.

  The old man was anxious at the sight. "Brother, don't do anything, I'll give them money!"

  The old man tightly held the money in his hand, his heart was miserable, and he was too old. His wife was sick in bed, and the child was in school. Every day was tight. The more difficult was to come, there was no money to buy medicine for his wife after paying the protection fee.

  Eric pulled away the old man and raised his mouth. He didn’t give a shit to the punks in front of him, even they were from the Green Dragon Gang, Eric were not feared.

  "Boy, I'll let you know how!" The punks picked up a steel pipe from behind and started to fight without saying a word.

  Just then, a voice rang from behind, "What's going on?"

  "Brother Tom, this man refuses to pay the protection fee. We brothers are trying to fix him!"

  It was a twenty—six—year—old young man who had a scar two centimeters on his left face. He looked a little stunned, but his right arm was plastered. When he saw Eric, his face immediately frozen. Then, he trembled and said, "Bro Eric, bro!"

  Eric frowned. "Tom, you're receiving protection money too frequently!"

  Tom laughed and explained, "These are the personnel changes. These little guys just arrive at my men today. I forgot to tell them not to come here to disturb you. You guys, got it? "

  As the young punks looked at each other, Tom quickly gave them a wink.

  When he saw a few punks leaving, Tom turned around and said, "Bro Eric, I'm sorry, report Tom's name in the future if you need. I have to leave in advance!"

  Eric nodded indifferently and watched the few people leave.

  Not too far away, the few punks couldn't wait to ask, "Bro Tom, who's that guy? Is there any other background for this guy?"

  "I don't know the background, but don't provoke him anymore. It's a terrible person! Do you know why the gang sent you to me?" Tom took a deep breath and looked back.

  Of course, the punks knew that a few days ago, a few brothers had been seriously injured and even two of their legs had broken. This area was short of people, so the gang had arranged them to come over, what does it matter?

  Tom looked pale and raised the plaster on his right arm. "A dozen of us are injured by him. My hands are thanks to him!"

  "This, how is this possible?" The bastards gasped.

  Only the parties knew this matter. Tom had personally experienced that man. He was too strong. A dozen people had just breathed in the other's hands and all of them had fallen, and many brothers had been seriously injured. This was not the point. The reason that Tom did not dare to offend the person was the murderous anger exuded from that person.

  Tom had not kill anyone, but he had squat down. Some of the people who killed people did not have the murderous horror that this person radiated.

  The punks were all chilly on their backs. Fortunately, they didn't do anything. Otherwise, they were not enough to clean up!