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Let It Burn

Let It Burn


A young man in his eighteens with magic medical knowledge and skills and martial arts started his adventure to the urban city. He became very popular with all kinds of beauties. Gorgeous CEO lady, stunning stewardess, delicate lady boss, and sexy teacher... Experiencing so many hotties, Berkeley's eyes light up, he knew he was doomed to be a master of pickup art.
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"Old man, I'm here!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Berkeley Ye dashed into the cabin and his eyes instantly lit up. With a mischievous smile on his face, he rushed to Judas Ye and asked, "Old man, what do you have in your hands?"


Judas Ye quickly put his hands up. His eyes were twinkling, and he sounded rather guilty.

"Tell me then, why are you looking for me?"

Berkeley Ye glanced at the old man, then sat down on a wooden bench, crossing his legs as he asked this.

"I would like you to go to Midsea. One of my old friends is dying of an illness. I hope you can find a way to save him."

Seeing that Berkeley Ye had stopped asking about what was in his arms, Judas Ye heaved a sigh of relief. He pulled out a bench and sat down. Then he took a tobacco pipe from his waist pocket, lit the pipe, and started smoking.

"I won't go. You know that I won't go anywhere more than ten kilometers away from Lamb Village. Midsea is too far away! I would have to take the train!" Berkeley Ye gestured while speaking.

"This old friend of mine has a granddaughter who started her own company. She is the president there. Most importantly, she is a very beautiful girl..."

Judas Ye slowly blew out a mouthful of smoke and continued.

"Wait a minute, did you say that she was 'beautiful'?" Berkeley Ye replied in high spirits.

"Of course, my old friend's granddaughter is very beautiful. I should know, based on my past experience in picking up girls, she can definitely be categorized as a great beauty. What do you think? Are you interested?"

Judas Ye's eyes flashed slyly.

"Hmph, how do I know if you're telling the truth?"

Berkeley Ye pursed his lips. Was it really true that Judas Ye could pick up girls. It really seemed like he was making this up.

"Of course it's true. I'm counting on you to bring back that girl so I can have grandchildren as soon as possible." Judas Ye said seriously.

"Um... don't you have me already?"

Berkeley Ye felt betrayed. "Am I not his grandson?"

"Oh right, then I'll have great-grandchildren. This is a photo of the girl from last year, and there is a message with her address from her family on the back."

Judas Ye was slightly flustered. He quickly handed over the photo.

"Ah... this girl... she's cute."

Berkeley Ye took the photo and his eyes widened. It was a photo of a baby.

If this photo was taken last year, she would still be wearing diapers now! Berkeley Ye became even more confused.

"Oh, it's definitely her alright, but that's a photo of her when she was just a baby. This is the photo of her right now."

When Judas Ye saw the baby picture in Berkeley Ye's hand, he almost choked on his cigarette and quickly took the photo away.

Berkeley Ye's eyes lit up. "Wow! She is a ten out of ten!"

The girl in the photo looked like she was in her early twenties. She was tall and slim. Her proportions were excellent, exactly at the golden ratio. Her waist was slender and her face was delicate. Her skin was white, her eyebrows were thin and she had big eyes. She looked charming and elegant.

"Since you refuse to go, why don't you stay home? I'll go instead."

Judas Ye took the photo from Berkeley Ye.

"I changed my mind. For you to have great grandchildren, I have decided to make a great sacrifice and leave my hometown. Well, let's not discuss further about this matter. We have decided on this. I'll become more anxious if we keep talking about it." Berkeley Ye said this as he grabbed the photo from him.

"Well, alright then, you can go! And in ten days, there will be a convention for traditional chinese medicine in Midsea City. You can take my place there."

Judas Ye was secretly pleased. "The Little Devil of Chaos from Lamb Village is finally willing to leave the nest. If he doesn't go now, my life would be meaningless!" he thought.

Judas Ye had a love-hate relationship with his grandson, Berkeley Ye. What he loved was that this boy was extremely talented. He could learn everything so quickly. In just a few years, he had absorbed all his unique skills. He could no longer teach him anything anymore.

However,this kid liked to play pranks on people. Over the past few years, Judas Ye was almost driven insane by his pranks.

This year alone, Judas Ye had tried various ways without success to get him to leave Lamb Village. It was rare to see him want to leave. Judas Ye was pleased. If Berkeley Ye wasn't here, he would probably have cried tears of joy.

"Time waits for no man. I'll set off now."

"Alright, go ahead!"

When Berkeley Ye completely disappeared from sight, Judas Ye smirked. "I've finally sent him away. I'm finally free. I don't have to worry about all those pranks anymore. Haha... I'll go to Widow Wang's house tonight, haha!"

While feeling happy, Judas Ye touched his chest. The smile on his face froze. He rushed out of the door and shouted, "Brat, how could you have taken my stuff?"

However, Berkeley Ye was long gone. He didn't expect the boy to do one last prank before he left. Judas Ye stood there, furious.

Running along the mountain road in the village, Berkeley Ye slowed down until he was sure that the old man couldn't catch up with him. Then he took out a bag sewn with Oxford cloth from his pocket and laughed. "D*mn, how dare you lie to me. It's not a big deal. Let me see what good things are hidden in your bag. It's very thick! Haha!"

When he opened the bag, there were only a few pieces of toilet paper. Inside the toilet paper, there was a... a... um, a condom.

Berkeley Ye swore, "What the f*ck!"


A white bullet train with the name "Peace" was traveling quickly through the mountains.

Berkeley Ye sat in his chair, rolling his dark eyes.

His eyes swept over the stewardesses' bodies, with their slender hips and milk-white legs. He gulped. He thought, "F*ck, the girls in the train wear such short skirts. This is so much better than Lamb Village!"

"Hey, hey... miss waitress..."

Berkeley Ye blinked. He seemed to recall something. He shouted at the stewardess, who had just walked past him.

His voice attracted the attention of many people. Some people frowned and whispered when they saw that he was a country boy, "This country bumpkin has no manners!"

"Are you calling me?" The girl in the short purple skirt turned and looked at Berkeley Ye. Her voice was very gentle.

"Yes, yes, that's right. I'm calling you."

He cast a glance at the black silk stockings on her legs.