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A Surrogate for Billionaire

A Surrogate for Billionaire



I knew this day would come soon but I’m not ready yet, I’m just scared. I couldn’t even see anything because my eyes were covered with a long black satin and also my hands were tied up. The most scary thing is it’s raining and thundering heavily. After some time I heard someone’s footsteps coming towards me and I knew he’s the man that I’m going to lose my virginity. He came and climbed onto me as he placed himself top of me. I could feel his scent and it made my heart beat so fast. Then he removed my nightgown as my body began to tremble. “Scared?” He asked huskily against my ear. “Can.. can you remove this blindfold sir?” I asked as I heard his voice. “No. You shouldn’t see me” He said and with that I felt a sharp pain between my legs. So finally it happened. Tears came out of my eyes as he started to move. “Ca..can I touch you sir? It hurts” I found myself crying because I wanted something strong to depend so he untied my hands. “Of course” Without thinking I hugged him so tightly and buried my face against his neck. I felt I was an object that he uses to vent his desire, I felt like I was a cheap woman who sells her own body for money but I should be strong because I’m giving myself to save a life…. …………………………. Julianna Kennedy was a 20 years old university student, her parents were dead but she had a 7 years old little brother who is suffering from lung cancer. So she needed a huge amount of money to do his surgery. So the only option she had was to be a surrogate for a man who she never knew. Ryan Winston was a 24 years old billionaire, he was handsome but a cold hearted man. He had everything in his life but never had a woman or loved anyone but because of his grandparents’ need to see a great grandchild before they die, Ryan was forced to have a child with a surrogate. But both Julianna and Ryan never knew they were fated to each other……..
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  ~ Julianna ~

  “Juli are you alright?” I heard my little brother Noah’s voice. I wanted to cry because I’ll never be alright without him because I have no money to spend on his disease. Shit.

  “I’m alright darling. What do you wanna eat?” I asked him as he came to me and hugged me.

  “I need bread with cheese Juli” I looked down at his small body and my heart tightened because how am I supposed to save him. I love him and I can’t even think about a day without him. I smiled at him and nodded before going into the kitchen. After breakfast I went to hospital with Noah. As I entered the hospital I saw doctor Peterson. He was one who did and helped everything about Noah.

  “Good morning little one” He said with a smile and Noah giggled happily because he really liked this doctor Peterson.

  “Good morning Pete” Noah joked as he ran towards the doctor. Then he picked up Noah and nodded at me before going into the Noah’s ward. After some time doctor Peterson came.

  “Julianna can I talk to you for a moment?” He asked and I nodded but this is the thing that I fear the most in this life. I have no idea what the doctor wants to tell me but I knew it was all about Noah’s health. Maybe the news will be good or bad but I was just scared.

  “Noah’s health is getting worse. We should do the surgery as soon as possible” My heart shattered into pieces as I heard him. Unintentionally tears welled in my eyes. Why did this happen to us?

  “Julianna, I know you have money problems. I’m so sorry” Doctor Peterson patted my shoulder. I sighed because no matter what, I’m going to find money for his surgery and make him better.

  “Doctor I’ll find money.” I said as I wiped my tears.

  “You have a maximum of ten months. It will be great if you could find it soon” I nodded and looked at Noah through the glass wall and he was smiling at a nurse while chatting. I can’t let anything happen to him because he’s the only person that I have.

  “Noah should stay in the hospital from today onwards.” I was still looking at Noah. He’s just so cute and he will be a handsome man in the future so as his sister I should just protect him.

  “Alright doctor” With that I went into Noah’s ward and sat on the bed next to him.

  “Am I dying Juli?” I forced my tears back because I didn’t want to cry in front of him. I smiled forcefully and took him onto my lap as I started to caress his silky light brown hair.

  “No. You’re going to recover so soon” I kissed his head and rested my chin on his head.

  “That’s great” He started to giggle. I clenched my jaws because I didn’t want to cry. My heart was hurting and it felt like someone was squeezing my heart so tightly.

  “I love you so much Noah” I said while kissing his little cheek.

  “I love you so much more Juli” With that he kissed my forehead. I bit my lower lip so hard because of the pain I’m feeling in my heart but no pain could match the pain in my heart.

  “Noah, you have to stay here for a few months. Is it okay darling?” I asked and Noah nodded with a happy smile.

  “I will play with Pete all day” He said while jumping. I smiled at him and got up to leave.

  “But Juli you will come to see me everyday, right?” He pouted while biting his little lips.

  “Yeah. I will” With that I left the hospital and went home. I had to go to university but my mind was in a mess so I went straight home. After I came home I jumped onto the bed and started to cry because I was tired and I was scared for Noah’s life.

  After I was done crying I went into the bathroom and washed my face and changed into new clothes. Then I heard a knock on the door and went to open the door. As I opened the door I saw aunty Elise.

  “Julianna, you were crying. Weren’t you?” She asked as I smiled forcefully. Then she asked what happened and I told everything that my heart was feeling and about my helplessness. She let out a deep sigh and pulled me to a warm hug. She was really like a mother, always cared for me and Noah but now she’s getting old and I can’t bother her with our things.

  “Juli I’m sorry for telling you this but I can’t stay without even letting you know and I also don’t have much money.” She said with a sigh and I didn’t care about anything and all I wanted was money. I wanted to pay for Noah’s surgery as soon as possible.

  “Tell me aunty Elise, at this point I will do anything for my brother’s life. Even if I have to sell my body” I said as I took her hands and placed them on my chest.

  “I don’t know Juli but I’ll tell you and you make the decision” I nodded at her quickly and she sighed.

  “A wealthy family looking for a surrogate. They want to have an heir as soon as possible and they will pay $100000 to the surrogate” She said and looked at my eyes. My heart tightened and I looked down. A surrogate? So do I have to give birth to a baby for an unknown man?

  “What are their conditions?” I asked. I looked at aunty Elise’s face and I knew she’s sad and she didn’t want to see me like that. She was the woman who taught me to wait until our fated ones and once they came our lives will be blissful.

  “You have everything they need. Beauty, intelligence and virginity. And you have those things beyond what they expect” I closed my eyes and thought about it carefully. So I have to give my virginity? It’s okay everything will be fine and I’m doing this for my brother. It’s just giving birth to a life to save one.

  “I agree. I will be their surrogate but please don’t let Noah know anything about this” I said as I smiled at her. I saw the hurt expression in her face but she nodded at me and smiled forcefully. She really cared about me and I will always be grateful to her.

  “I’ll let them know and take you there.” I nodded as she got up and left. I sighed and looked up at the ceiling. Is this what's going to happen to our lives mom? I lost my parents and now I’m suffering because of that loss. Urghh. Everything will be fine as long as Noah is safe and healthy.


  ~ Ryan ~

  “Ryan, when are you going to give us a great grandchild? We are already very close to our deathbed” Urgh.. When can I have a peaceful sleep. Why do they want a great grandchild? They already have a grandson.

  “I don’t want grandma. I’m not ready to have a child” I said as I got up from my bed and walked towards her.

  “Are you going to die with your virginity? Everyone knows Ryan.. They think you’re gay” My grandmother cried as she hit my chest hard.

  “Ouch grandma it hurts.” I said as she smirked at me and started to cry loudly. Urghh drama queen. Then both my grandfather and father came into my room as they frowned at me.

  “See, I only asked for a great grandchild but he shouted at me” She sobbed while hugging my dad. I sighed and looked at them.

  “Ryan, Do our last wish baby.. We want to see a little prince or a princess before we die” It was my grandpa who started to act this time.

  “I don’t have a woman so how am I going to have a baby? I can’t do it alone. You know that fact right?” I said because I wanted them to give up on their last wish.

  “Alright you marry Lidia. She’ll give birth to your baby” What the fuck? Lidia? That cunning and disgusting whore?

  “No. Not her. I don’t like women like her and she sleeps with men everyday. Eww” I let out my disgust and looked at my grandma who suggested it to me. Her face was also covered with disgust.

  “Alright then do you have someone you like?” Why can’t they understand me? If I had a woman that I like I would have already fucked her countless times and got her pregnant.

  “NO. I don’t like any woman” I said and looked away from their direction.

  “Oh my god! my poor boy, Is he gay? Are the rumors true?” I heard my grandma’s low voice.

  “I’m not gay either” I said as I looked at her again. She sighed

  “Alright then have a baby, I’ll choose a woman for you with great beauty, intelligence and especially with virginity.” My heart started to beat so fast as she said that. Why was that? What the fuck?

  “I..I..” Before I could finish what I wanted to say grandma cut me off.

  “There’s no need for your answer and be ready” With that grandpa and grandma left my room with an angry attitude. I couldn't help but sigh. Shit