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Stalked By My Sweet Devil

Stalked By My Sweet Devil



I hit him. I punched Sin, who I was sure I had just heard threaten someone with a gun, right in his arm. "I think you're weird," I mumbled. To my surprise, he laughed. "Is that how you punch?" I crossed my arm. "You're a jerk Sin Westbrook." He shrugged. "That might be Legs. But I'm a jerk who saved your ass. for the second time. This time, you owe me."
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  I sat cross legged in the middle of my walk in closet. My hair was pulled tight in curlers and a green tea mask sat drying on my face. It wasn't a good look.

  With another groan I tossed the black skinny jeans I had been contemplating into the 'no' pile. I needed the perfect outfit. It was the first day of school and this was my year. The year I would shine. The year I would actually date.

  Automatically an image of Ian Black popped up into my mind. He was my dream guy. He was captain of the basketball team and the baseball team's star pitcher. He was also one of the smartest kids at the school. I had been in love with him for my whole high school career.

  Snatching a pair of white skinny jeans off of the floor I got up. As I quickly scrambled into them I made my way into the bathroom. They fit right giving my butt a nice lift and perfectly showing off my legs. With a smile I grabbed my brand new green sweater that showed a bit of my stomach and washed my face clean before putting it on. With my face clear, I quickly added some eyeliner and mascara and a layer of Kylie Jenner lip gloss in the "Literally" shade.

  Next, I undid my curlers and loosened up the curls. When my hair laid exactly the way I wanted I sprayed hairspray and ocean water on it.

  Slipping on my socks I grabbed my shoes

a pair of all white adidas

and headed for the kitchen. I knew my dad and younger brother were up so I didn't bother being quiet. I quickly ate a bowl of cereal before calling out to my dad. "I'm leaving!"I yelled slipping on my shoes and grabbing my keys off of the hook.

  As I walked to my car I quickly took a quick peek at the house next door. Sin Westbrook was standing in the driveway leaned over with his head under the hood of his vintage mustang. His white tank top was streaked with grease and he had was barefoot, besides a pair of thick socks.

  I quickly turned my head away before he could make eye contact with me. In my twelve years of living next door to him he had never said more than a few select words to me. I had always assumed it was because Kody had threatened him, but I wasn't going to take any chances.

  Sin didn't really have the best reputation at school. He was mean and grumpy and he was always starting fights. With a name like Sin it wasn't really surprising.

  I quickly got to my door and snatched it open quickly sitting down and starting the engine. I made it to school in record time and was happy to see my best friend Hayden waiting for me in my parking spot.

  "Looking good" She said letting out a slow whistle. "You finally gonna get some this year?"

  I felt my cheeks burn. "Gosh, Hade can you be any louder?" I asked grabbing her by the arm and entering the school building.

  "I'm just saying." She replied flipping her chestnut brown hair over her shoulder. "You don't have an excuse for being a prude this year."

  For some reason I found myself smiling. It was true. Since my overprotective brother Kody was away at college this year, I could practically do whatever I wanted. "I'm not just going to jump in bed with the first guy I meet Hade." I said opening my locker.

  "I didn't say that." She replied, opening hers as well."I'm just saying you can finally get out there. And-" she said slamming the door shut. "Lucky for you, Ian is strings free at the moment."

  I smiled. I knew Ian had broken up with his girlfriend over the summer. She had moved to Idaho with her dad and he didn't think they could make a long distance relationship work.

  I closed my locker door as well. "Don't worry Hayden. I'm going to get out there. I'm just going to pace myself." I said with a laugh. And with that, I walked into my homeroom.


  By lunch I was already sick of school. I pulled the straw in and out of my Dr. Pepper as I frowned at Hayden and her current boyfriend. "School sucks." I mumbled eyeing the soggy pizza the cafeteria was serving.

  "That it does." Hayden agreed wrapping her arms around her guys neck. I think his name was Ricardo. He was handsome with black spiky hair and a cute tattoo on his wrist. "But don't worry government will be fun."

  Hayden was assuming government would be fun because it was the only class we had together. I was thinking the opposite because I never really liked social studies classes.

  "Why is Sin Westbrook staring at you?" She asked breaking me out of my thoughts. She was nibbling on a carrot now.

  I froze up. "What do you mean?"

  Hayden averted her eyes. "Oh my gosh he's definitely looking at you. Don't turn around. What did you do to him?" She asked with a squeal.

  I kept my eyes straight forcing myself not to look in Sin's direction. "What are you talking about. I didn't do anything to him."

  "Well he is glaring at you like he wants to rip your head off." She mumbled.

  Taking a deep breath I placed my soda back on the table. "Let me see..." I mumbled before turning my head and making eye Contact with Sin Westbrook. Hayden was right. He was glaring at me like I had murdered his family. When he noticed me looking at him he didn't break eye contact like I expected him to. He continued to stare deep into my soul until I was forced to turn away.

  "Did you step on his puppy?" Hayden asked.

  "I don't think so." I replied fidgeting with my hair now. I felt exposed and there was nothing I could do about it. For the first time I found myself wishing Kody was with me.