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My Billionair Mom

My Billionair Mom


Chuck was an ordinary student, and he has a lecturer wife of the same university with him. Because of poverty, his wife looked down on him and kicked him out of home, his classmates also humiliated and fooled on him. But who knows, a phone call from his long-missed mother would change his whole life? "Mom? You sure you are my mom?" Chuck doubted. "Of course, my son. And I transferred 5,000,000 dollars to you for your pocket money. Tell me whenever you have any needs." Then, just like a dream, Chuck became a rich guy. He went to buy some housing property, purchased a fancy car, had meals in five stars hotels, and enjoyed in top-class consuming places... The most important thing, not only his wife and classmates, he would stun all the people who used to look down on him!
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"Get up!"

A cold voice sounded in Chuck Cannon's ears. The next second, the quilt on him was completely lifted.

Chuck rubbed his eyes and looked at the woman. He sighed and felt a little uncomfortable.

The beautiful woman in front of him was Yvette Jordan, who was four or five years older than Chuck was. She was adopted by Chuck's grandfather and was groomed to be his bride since young.

But since his grandfather's death, her attitude towards Chuck had become more and more terrible.

"You useless piece of trash, your face even pisses me off!" Yvette's beautiful face was full of disgust.

"..." Chuck frowned and tried not to take Yvette's words to heart.

"Let me tell you, I have done my best to support you. If you don't behave yourself, I will chase you out of this house."

Chuck put on his clothes and clenched his fists. "But you are my wife!"

"No, I'm not. It was your grandfather who forced me to marry you. Did he ever ask me if I agreed? If I had a choice, how could I marry a good-for-nothing like you!"

Chuck put on his clothes and stood in front of Yvette. "Wifey..."

"Don't call me wifey. I'll warn you for the last time. The money that you spend to eat and drink now is all mine. If you dare to call me wifey again, I'll let you die on the streets." Yvette snorted coldly and looked at Chuck with disdain. "But I'm sure that trash like you won't be able to survive on the streets for long."

Since grandpa left, such humiliation was no longer strange to Chuck. His fragile self-esteem had been almost crushed by Yvette. Sometimes Chuck even doubted whether he was really a piece of trash.

"Um... Wife... Yvette, I don't have any money."

Chuck took a deep breath. He was just a freshman this year, and Yvette was not only a university lecturer but also owned a company. She was a rich person.

"Look at yourself, you look like a beggar. It's disgusting!" Yvette looked at Chuck disgustedly. Then she took out 200 dollars from her bag and threw it on the ground. She turned around and left.

Looking at the money on the ground, Chuck clenched his fists.

In the end, he didn't pick up the money on the ground. He walked out of the house with his remaining self-esteem.

Yvette's BMW drove out of the garage as Chuck stood by the roadside and watched. He was in the same university as Yvette, so they were heading in the same direction.

However, Yvette's car didn't stop and drove past Chuck.

"Get out of here and take the bus. A piece of trash doesn't deserve to ride my car." After saying that, Yvette stepped on the accelerator and left.

Chuck gritted his teeth and looked at the BMW that had disappeared at the end of the road. His eyes were slightly red. "Yvette, you've gone too far."

He was penniless now. His lunch money these days was borrowed from his classmates, and today was the day for him to return the money. Unfortunately, the two hundred dollars were too "burdensome", and he couldn't pick it up...

When he arrived at school, his worst fears came true.

As soon as he walked to the school gate, Chuck happened to meet a student who lent money to him.

Lara Jean was buying milk tea outside the school gate. When she saw Chuck, who was in a state of loss, she reached out and said, "Chuck, it's time to pay back the money, isn't it?"

Chuck wanted to bury himself out of shame. He scratched his hair and said with embarrassment, "Well... give me one more day, I'll do part-time work. I'll pay you back the money latest by tomorrow!"

"No, how long have you been delaying? You have to return the money to me today!" Lara said coldly, and there was no room for negotiation in her tone.

Chuck sighed. "But I really don't have any money now..."

"You don't have money to ask your parents for it? Are you an orphan?"

"You!" Chuck clenched his fists tightly. For as long as he could remember, he had been living with his grandfather. He had never seen his parents before. However, being called an orphan by Lara made him feel even more uncomfortable.

"You're really an orphan? Well, I'll give you an extension until this afternoon, but you have to pay me four hundred. If you don't pay me back, I'll ask my boyfriend to bring someone to deal with you!" Lara warned and left.

Chuck stood still in his tracks. He was extremely sad. He had enough of such humiliation.

Just as Chuck was thinking about what part-time job he was going to do, his phone rang.

Chuck looked at the caller ID and saw that it turned out to be a foreign number. He was afraid that it was probably a swindler.

However, when he thought of the online recruitment of mercenaries in Syria which was quite popular recently, offering 8000 dollars a day, he became interested again. Although he knew it could be a scam, if it was true, he would definitely go to Syria without hesitation.

"Hello." Chuck greeted.

Unexpectedly, a flurry of words in Mandarin from on the other end of the phone, "Chucky, I am your mother!"

"..." Chuck was stunned.

He first felt that he had been made fun of others, but then he felt extremely sad. How could he have a mother?

"Chucky, don't blame me. I had no choice but to go abroad these years, but now I can finally return home. I will try my best to make up for the lost time with you. I will transfer five million dollars and you can use it first. If it is all spent, call me."

The strange conversation ended in a weird atmosphere. As soon as the call ended, a message arrived.

"Your account with the ending number 0123 has been credited with 5,000,000 dollars, and the current balance is 5,000,000.83 dollars."

Chuck was dumbfounded. His mother, whom he had never seen before, actually gave him five million dollars?

He looked at the text message and counted the zeros, again and again, repeatedly confirming it more than a dozen times, and then went to the ATM to check if it was correct. He was ecstatic!

That was five million!

What more, it was his mysterious mother who casually gave him pocket money. Even Yvette who was busy with her business had less than one million dollars including her car and her savings!

Chuck giggled and walked to the campus.

At this time, Yvette, who was going to the public building for class, said with disgust after seeing Chuck, "Why aren't you in class but instead laughing here stupidly?"

"I'm not going to class anymore." Chuck stood where he was and watched Yvette quietly.

Yvette felt a little strange. She seemed to see a confident look in Chuck's eyes. Isn't he still the useless piece of trash? How dare he argue with her? Yvette was angry. "How dare you talk back to me? If you have the guts, don't come to my house today!"

Chuck was also tired of being treated coldly by Yvette. He said disdainfully, "I'm not going back, I'll sleep elsewhere."

"Is this a joke? Now that I have five million dollars, I don't need to look at Yvette's unhappy face anymore." Chuck thought to himself.

"You! Great! I'd like to see how brave you are. From now on, if you dare to enter my house again, I'll break your legs!"

Chuck ignored Yvette and directly turned his back and left the school.

Yvette stomped her feet angrily, but she couldn't do anything about it, so she turned around and went to class.

Chuck, who had left school, took a taxi to the real estate agency in the city center.

With this sum of money, the first thing Chuck wanted to do was to have his own house.

After pushing the door open and entering, the real-estate agency employees did not pay attention to Chuck who was dressed ordinarily. This kind of person was either looking for a part-time job, begging for food, or the type who wasn't interested in buying anything but just trying to enjoy the air-conditioned room.

Later, when the manager of the store came out of the office, those lazy employees hurried up and asked, "Sir, what do you need?"

"To buy a house."

"To buy a house?" Natalie Xavier's big eyes narrowed. She stared at Chuck carefully for a long time. She had been a real estate agent for so long, but she had rarely misjudged someone.

There may be one in a thousand customers who would buy a house at less than 20 years old like Chuck, but all of them wore branded suits and drove high-end sports cars.

"Sir, for your information, the cheapest house in the city is around 12,000 per square meter. Are you sure you want to buy it?" Natalie didn't want to waste time on this kind of person, so her tone became impatient.