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The Irresistible CEO Is Mine

The Irresistible CEO Is Mine


"Congratulations! You are going to be a widow in three months." It was the second time for Kendall to experience a forced marriage. The first time, her parents forced her to be a millionaire's fifth concubine. She escaped. The second time, her parents tied her up and sent her to a so-called half-dead guy's bed. It was said that her future husband was an old and ugly weirdo, who was going to die soon. No one expected she would marry into the Michaelson family this way. The Michaelson family was the richest family in the world. Its heir, Alexander, was a super hot gentleman that almost every girl is trying hard to marry! However, he fell for Kendall at first sight. To trap Kendall in his sweet love, he pretended to be a dying man and made use of Kendall's soft-hearted...
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"Kendall, Daddy and Mummy had a car accident! They can't hold on any longer! Could you come back quickly to see them for the last time? They are holding onto their last breath to take another look at you."

"I knew you hated them for being neglected your feelings ever since young...

But, this should not be the reason for not coming back to see them for the last time, right?" said a woman as she burst into tears. She was trying her best to beg her sister to come home.

However, Kendall Cromwel did not say a single word ever since the call was through.

"Hello? Kendall, are you there? Are you even listening? Please, I'm begging you! Come back and fulfil their wish, will you? Don't you want them to rest in peace?"

"They are still thinking of you and keep calling your name on their deathbed. Perhaps this would be the last chance for you to see them again. Boohoo..."

At this, Kendall remained silent and hung up the call. A great sadness took over her.

Ever since she was a child, did the so-called parents of hers care about her?

No matter who was at fault among the three of her siblings, she would always be the one who got beaten and scolded!

All her clothes were given to her by her sisters when they did not want them anymore. Even the toys were given to her after they were sick of playing with them. 

She did not get to enjoy imported snacks like them either!

Although she was born into a noble family, she had never led a luxurious life after all these years. Her life was even worse than their pets!

Her parent was so biased that her two sisters became so arrogant. They had nothing to fear at all...

She put in a lot of effort and managed to enter the top college in the city. But her parents tore her acceptance letter and forced her into marrying a filthy old man just because he was willing to pay them two hundred thousand dollars!

She refused to marry him. Therefore, her parents locked her in her room and forced her to compromise by not giving her any food!

If she did not manage to escape back then, and worked part time to further her studies, she could not imagine how her life would be now. Probably, that man had already ruined her life. 

She was having mixed feelings, and she felt exceptionally heartbroken now.

If she had a choice, she would rather stay away from them forever.

However, her sister said that they were dying soon.

Kendall was a soft-hearted person, and she went home eventually.

She arrived at the hospital and rushed into the ward. However, she did not expect that there would be no one in sight. Where had her parents gone? 

When she was feeling puzzled, someone knocked her out from the back. She then lost her consciousness instantly.


By the time she woke up, she was lying on a stranger's bed. A man in a white bathrobe then walked out of the bathroom. He was drying his hair with his towel.

The room was so dark that she could not see how he looked at all. She just knew that he had a tall figure and a strong aura. She felt so tensed at that moment.

Kendall was shocked to death. She hid under the blanket and pointed at that man. "Don't come any nearer! Who are you? Why are you here?"

"This is my home. To be precise, this is our future home," said the man calmly. His voice was so attractive.

Kendall was confused. She was stunned for a moment before she came to her senses, "What... What did you say just now?"

The man replied without any expression, "Congratulations! You have just married a half-dead man, and you will be a widow soon."

"What? Me? Who did I marry? You? Are you dying soon?" asked Kendall as she stared at him in confusion. 

"That's right. My name is Alexander Michaelson, and I am your half-dead husband," said Alexander as he bent over and placed his hands on the bed to support himself. He then got closer to Kendall. He was exceptionally charming and young, too.

"And tonight... is our wedding night. My dear wife." The man came at Kendall...