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Travel Through Time with These 10 Fascinating History Novels

Travel Through Time with These 10 Fascinating History Novels

2023-03-20 11:03:26
  • Such a Beautiful General

    Zhang Tianqing was betrayed by her most trusted partner, the same man she had a crush on for six years. She had always disguised herself as a man and had grown up following the army around fighting in battles and she was called the god of war, but from the second she was betrayed, she lost the war. Not only did she lose her country, but she was captured by the enemy prince, Li Muhan. Zhang Tianqing unwittingly exposed the fact that she was a woman, and she was forced to stay with Li Muhan. She thought she would become Li Muhan's slave, but instead, she was taken care of and protected by him. Li Muhan offered to help her take revenge on the man who betrayed her on one condition-- Marry him.
    History ★ 4.5
  • Reborn: That General Craves For Me

    Mu Yunxi was a medical genius of the twenty-three century, but she became the ancient Princess Qin because of an accident. The original owner of this body was a brutal princess who was not loved by her husband. She was mocked and bullied by others... As a top medical genius, it seemed that it was God's blessing that she brought the newly developed six-dimensional medical kit with her when she traveled through time! It stored all kinds of modern scientific research materials and medicines! Love or not didn't matter! She only wanted to become the miracle doctor of this world! But, why did her husband Dong Fangqi, also the incredible King Qin, who had always looked down on her, come to her suddenly and ask her to forgive him? Want to win her heart back? Hmm... Since he was so bad to her before, let's upgrade the difficulty!
    History ★ 4.9
  • My Gifted Marriage With General

    Yun Chuliang is a top-notch actress and the Devilish Magic Doctor with a bright future, but she accidentally time-traveled to ancient times. Luckily, she still had excellent medical skills. In this world, her mother was murdered, her brother was sick, and her stepmother and stepsister were hypocrites. She managed to find the killer, saved her brother, and fought against the hypocrites. She was so brave that neither being disfigured nor being framed could intimidate her. However, she panicked when the handsome man proposed to her. "Are you sure that you want to marry me?" Yun Chuliang asked the man. "Don't you dare say no!" Feng Siye's brows furrowed!
    History ★ 5