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The Top 5 History Novels That Will Take You Back in Time

The Top 5 History Novels That Will Take You Back in Time

2023-03-20 11:03:24
  • The Pampered Wife Is Bossy After Rebirth

    Yun Miao, a top surgeon in the industry, became a public enemy after an accidental time-travel. The original owner of this body, Shen Anran, pestered the Crown Prince before she got married. After she got married to an unwanted man, she hung herself on the wedding night... Her family had severed ties with her. Her cousin had tried to kill her. Even her disabled husband, Ye Mohan, had been thinking about how to divorce her all day! She sighed. "It's okay. Now that I've been reborn with your body, I won't repeat your tragedy!" After some hard work, she made her family dote on her like a treasure and the Crown Prince even proposed to her in person! Upon hearing the news, her disabled husband got up and pressed her against the bed. "You can only belong to me for the rest of your life!"
    History ★ 4.9
  • Rebirth: Doctor Wife Overturned the World

    As the best doctor of the 21st century, Qin Muxue time-traveled to be a nobody. Her father abandoned her, her family disliked her, and she was about to marry Prince Ding. Everyone believed that Prince Ding deserves someone better. Perhaps Prince Ding had the same thought, what else could explain his absence from their wedding? "The groom's not coming?" "The groom has no interest in women!" She did not care about all those rumors. With her superb medical skills, she could make a living on her own. Start new hospitals, train new pupils... everything went on successfully. When Prince Ding found that his wife was the legendary doctor he had been searching for years and came back to his house, he thought he went in the wrong door. Things didn't change much after her husband came back. There's only one riddle left to solve. "Who said he's not interested in women?" Qin Muxue lay on the bed, trying to recall.
    History ★ 4.8
  • Dote on Her Crazily

    She was reborn, in a different new world. She was the most talented spy in her previous life. But after transmigration, she became a worthless. Being slandered, humiliated, and beaten, she promised she would revenge her enemies. Ex-fiance? Get the h*ll out of here. Devil sisters? Kick them a*s off. She would become the greatest genius practitioner in this life. And she needed no help from anybody. But why this mysterious man always helped her secretly? He had tried to throw her into the coldest spring when they first met. She was confused. Should she accept his kind favor and true love?
    History ★ 4.5