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The Best Free Werewolf Books To Read In Your Free Time

The Best Free Werewolf Books To Read In Your Free Time

2023-01-16 13:59:44
  • Vampire Seduction


    Her mother was suffering from cancer and becoming a Vampire courtesan was Jasmine's last resort to source out enough funds for her mother's chemotherapy. Dior was in all wats the perfect smoking hot and rich vampire lord who received unexpected circumstances when he got hooked with the naive virgin yet intriguing Jasmine and it seems like he will have to go the vampire seduction way to mate and mark this one.
    Werewolf ★ 0
  • My Boss, My Mate


    "What are you doing?" Yara jumped, whirling around to see Xander in the doorway of her new room, "Agh! Don't startle me like that!" Xander hardly looked apologetic, instead stating, "You're wearing a dress suit." "Yes?" "Why?" "I'm going to work, the same as you." Yara told him, frowning. "No, you're not." "So I am fired?" "No—," "Then I'm going to work." Xander bridged the short gap between them. He caught her chin and tilted it up slightly, peering right into her eyes. "Yara, you are my mate now. If you work it will put unnecessary strain on your body. You're not fired—you're retired." "I don't want to be retired." She protested. "Xander, fetching your coffee is honestly not as difficult as you make it out to be....Did you know that this last Monday, when I took the cup you rejected away with me, that I just left the room for twenty minutes and came back in with it? You said it was fine and didn't even notice it was the same one, just microwaved!" For a moment Xander's face flashed with scandal but then he seemed to collect himself, although from the looks of it he was beginning to sulk. "… I see." There was a brief moment of silence. Then Xander nodded, "Okay. Fine. You can continue working for me." Yara perked up, "Really?" "Yes." Yara grinned like a kid for this big victory. However, she wasn't aware of what's waiting for her, something she definitely would not like. ***** Yara never knew a pack. Sired by a werewolf father, but raised by her very human mother, she's ignorant of the way of wolf. But she's coping, and even leading an average normal, boring life. But then she met him, her new boss, while wildly attractive, is cold, and an outright ass at times. Turns out the man is a wealthy head alpha, and Yara is suddenly dragged straight into the mysteries of wolfdom by this handsome, powerful stranger. But what does he mean when he says that Yara's an omega? And claims that she's in heat? None of this makes any sense.
    Werewolf ★ 4.6
  • The Lunas Second Chance Mate

    caroline above story

    On my 18th Birthday, My twin sister married my mate, Alpha Jacob, in my name. I was Alisa Clark, the she-wolf with the purest blood. The Alphas must feed on my blood. They were blessed with great power while they were cursed. The greater their abilities, the shorter their lives. My blood protected them from their curse Yet, my twin Jennifer took away my glory and had me tortured for 6 years! Worse still, My mate allowed it ** "You've been like a pig for us. He can smell you down here. He's known this whole time." She took out a mirror and held it up to my face. " You think he would ever accept such an ugly mate like this pig." I hadn't seen myself since I was twelve, vibrant and healthy. I was a child then, and now I looked like a ghost. My face was hollow and pale like a sick person. I saw the scar on my face, it burned and had inflamed my cheek so that it was swollen. My eyes were red from the tears. My hair was dull and limp over my skull. My purple eyes were the only piece of me that still held some semblance of life. I could see scars even on my neck, and I knew that my body was even more scarred, and even more pathetic... "How dare you be so stupid." Jennifer said. "How dare you think the Alpha wants you for more than your blood. Imagine him mating with you, when he could have me."
    Werewolf ★ 4.7