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Read Warm College Romance Novels That Won't Fade or Die

Read Warm College Romance Novels That Won't Fade or Die

2023-01-13 10:16:13
  • The Secret Necklace

    Celine Hiromi

    Tanya was a college student who just transferred. On the first day, she pissed Hans, the hugely popular boy off. Her seat was occupied by this arrogant guy. No, she wasn't the kind of student who could be easily bullied. So she just sat on his lap. Then the affairs between she and he spread in the school as everyone believed she had a crush on Hans. Gosh, she didn't love him at all! She wanted to make it clear but Hans refused to cooperate. He even kissed her as a punishment when she spoiled his T-shirt. She decided to stop the rumor and accepted the blind date arranged by her mom. To her surprise, Hans showed up on that day...
  • Sold To A Gang Leader

    Blessing D writes

    Sold To A Gang Leader Synopsis She was given as a gift to him. But he's heart is cold, so cold and he treats her coldly too. Her fears for him increases everyday but suddenly she started feeling different. She started developing other feelings other than fears... What will happen between the master and his slave? Find out!!
  • Loving Her to the Bones

    When I was six I was abandoned on the street. It was Reuben Andrews brought me a home. Although he was only a few years older than me, I insisted calling him Uncle. I believe the title would make me be sober about our relationship. Years passed, and I found this man accompanying my growth was increasingly hot and attractive... Maybe I fell in love with him? That's not allowed!! But why did he kiss me in front of all the family members?