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Come Join Us To Read These 100 Vampire Romance Novels!

Come Join Us To Read These 100 Vampire Romance Novels!

2023-03-16 18:41:18
  • Vamperien Acedemia


    Meet Melanie Addams a young girl who got admitted into Blue moon high. Both she and her mother had to move to Las Vegas immediately cus of her admission. She got into the school and mistakenly bumped into someone's room while trying to find her way round the school. He aggressively wanted to pounce on her but stopped when he felt her blood wasn't just normal. It was a human blood, a special human blood. He let her go but gave her strict warning not to pass through that way again. As she hurriedly ran, she bumped into someone. She quickly apologized but he took her closer and sniffed her neck. She was irked by that and kicked him on his groin. She scampered away for her safety. But what will happen when both Guys are interested in her, but she's only interested in one? What will happen when two powerful vampires battle to mate Melanie? And who will enchant her blood?
    Vampire ★ 0
  • Dangerous Love


    SYNOPSIS In the world of the four walls called stardius, the Collinsville family headed the vampire world and the stardius demarcated the four worlds of the vampires, humans, wolves, and witches. Only a powerful vampire from the Collinsville family could break the energy of the stardius completely. They maintained order and protection of the energy of the stardius for many centuries until Liam was born. His birth would bring destruction and chaos to the four worlds. The Collinsville family knew but kept it a secret believing that they could prevent the fate that lies ahead. After 500 years of chaos, Liam would fall in love with Kira, a starlight in human form. According to prophecy, the starlight energy would rebuild stardius's energy to restore peace but Liam's uncle, Nikolas would raise a dangerous army to destroy the starlight. Liam's sacrifice is the only way to protect the starlight and the human world from the twisted fate that would befall them.
    Vampire ★ 0
  • The Immortals' Breeder


    To touch a Dark One is death. To talk to an immortal is suicide. Yet, I've been marked by both. A Vampire. And the King of the immortals. My life is no longer my own. And now I know the truth, my life was never mine to begin with. It was theirs. It's always been theirs. I knew their history. Probably better than most of them. I'd been studying them for most of my life, pouring over books and research with constant dread that, one day, my number would be called, and my life would be played out for me in absolute horror. Humans were like little insects that they allowed to survive only because it was necessary for their own survival. We die. They die. Therefore, we live.
    Vampire ★ 0