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Best Werewolf Romance Books That Will Have You Howling for More

Best Werewolf Romance Books That Will Have You Howling for More

2023-01-17 14:56:29
  • Big Bad Alphas

    Sydney Marie

    The day I lost my Pack and my family, I met my Mate, Alpha Eric, who caused all of this! The worst part was, I survived and was forced to stay with him. Since then, I had to play as his obedient Luna. That's the only way to keep my sister safe. I was ordered to eat with him and sleep with him. At first, I was so afraid of him. But gradually, I discovered his tenderness, and he even fought his Pack to protect me. Yes, I had a feeling for him, and I thought he felt the same. Maybe I should let the past go; maybe he deserved a chance from me. So I made up my mind, trying to confess to him. But... Before I came to him, I knew his real purpose, for keeping me with him...
    Werewolf ★ 3.9
  • Luna’s Untamed Alpha


    Alpha Ascian, that name could make anyone shiver from fear. He was heartless, dangerous and fierce. He knew one thing and it was killing. He was perfect in all ways so he never wanted a Luna. Then unexpectedly he met his mate, he was amazed by her both beauty and innocence but he didn’t want her. So he showed her his fake love and took her to his bed, after he got what he wanted he said a remark that made his mate cry from pain. “I, Ascian Lucas, don't need a luna. So I reject, Mirela Elizabath as my mate” That was the last time Ascian saw Mirela, and he didn’t try to find her but he failed to forget her even after three years. Her face and cries haunted him every night so finally, after suffering with nightmares he wanted to find her but too bad, she was missing. The moon goddess gave Ascian another chance and they met each other again, but Ascian had a beauty on his side while Mirela had a little boy in her arms……
    Werewolf ★ 4.5
  • Alpha's Housekeeper


    After saving her from a fatal accident, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face close to his and licked her bleeding lips, "You knew I love babies and desire to have them. Yet, you dared to keep the news from me and leave my house with my baby in your womb. Aurora Collins, you'll be punished for the crime." He combined their lips in a toe-curling kiss, leaving her numb. ~~~ Damien Hunter was a billionaire alpha, who was rising in the business world. Aurora Collins— Aura for him, was his ever so impressive human housekeeper. She did everything as per his expectations and met his needs — except... His desires. Wanna read more? Hop in the story with us.
    Werewolf ★ 4.9