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3 Best Romance Novels You Can't Put Down Once You Begin

3 Best Romance Novels You Can't Put Down Once You Begin

2023-01-16 13:59:46
  • Destined to be your's

    Sharon sareen

    Lucifer seller, a big name in U.S . A big billiniore in the business circle of california. Unafraid of anything that crosses his path, he is a devil of hell. An innocent pure soul Dawn Autumn, unaware of this whole world. Living her own life... she is an orphan and physiotherapist in a hospital of LOS Angeles. she has a love of her life Rehan frensby. Rehan Frensby is a Pyschology teacher in a school... On the day of their relationship, Dawn Autumn was going to propose Rehan Frensby to marry her and be together for all her life... But on that day Rehan Frensby told Dawn Autumn a truth that changed all her life... What was written in Dawn's life... What was her destiny? How the three of them get connected together?


    Her heart began to beat heavily. She was fascinated by the man. Awareness flooded through her, as did a sudden need to brush her hair. Dammit, why had she put on this stupid bum short and singlet today. She wondered what he would look like with that shirt off. She swallowed and tried to look away. Fantasies like that would get her nowhere. "Hi" he said. And for a few seconds Emma didn't realize he was speaking to her. She blushed when she lifted an eye brow questioningly. "Oh hello" "Urmm...name's Daniel. Nice to meet you" "it's nice to meet you too.. I'm Emma" -------------------------------- Emma Green has totally given up on relationships and happy ever after. Not because she doesn't think it's amazing to have someone, mind you, but because she simply doesn't believe in love. She's been there and done that, and she's not doing it again. But when she meets Daniel Rohan, she starts to think that maybe, just maybe falling in love again might not be all that bad.... -------------------------------- Take control.. Feel the rush... Explore your fantasies Step into stories of provocative romance where sexual fantasies come true. Let your inhibitions run wild.
  • Save Him

    Val Sims

    Natalie Taylor has one goal when she signs up as a companion at Dreams: to make a shit ton of money and get out fast. She's not looking for adventure or hoping for love and romance. But days into her moonlighting job, her quiet determination is shaken when she confronts her biggest problem yet—Levi Van Holt, heir to a mega-billion hotel chain and CEO of a gaming startup. Levi is everything she wants in a man. Gorgeous, wealthy and generous to boot. There's just one problem. He's her new boss... Harbouring a dark secret and nursing wounds from his past, Levi has one rule and one rule only for his companion: no falling in love. But with his desires continually tested, the more time he spends with Natalie, it doesn't take long for both their lives, real and secret, to converge, the lines between illusion and reality begin to blur, and the temptation to break his only rule becomes harder to resist. © 2022 Val Sims. All rights reserved. No part of this novel may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author and publishers.